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Know your markets: Wheat

Knowing the global buyers and sellers can help you target the best times to sell

Knowing the key drivers for world markets can help you make better marketing decisions. In this column, we’ll look at the fundamentals of the world wheat market. First, the sellers. Among continents, Europe generated over half of 2018’s worldwide wheat exports, shipping $US21.5 billion worth of wheat, or 54 per cent of the global total. […] Read more

ICE canola up early Monday

By Phil Franz-Warkentin, MarketsFarm WINNIPEG, June 17 (MarketsFarm) – ICE Futures canola contracts were stronger Monday morning, as a rally in the Chicago Board of Trade soy complex provided support. Excessive rains across the United States Midwest, and forecasts calling for more moisture, accounted for much of the buying interest in beans as the excessive […] Read more

Canadian dollar and business outlook

By MarketsFarm WINNIPEG, June 17(MarketsFarm) The Canadian dollar was down on Monday morning, following a muted outlook for global demand for crude oil. At 8:45 CDT Monday morning, the Canadian dollar was at US$0.7455 or C$1.3414, which compares with Friday’s North American close of US$0.7471 or C$1.3385. United States companies were invited to public hearings […] Read more

Global Markets: Heatwave hits India

By MarketsFarm WINNIPEG, June 17 (MarketsFarm) – The following is a glance at the news moving markets in Canada and globally. – With temperatures consistently topping 45 degrees Celsius, a heatwave in India has caused the deaths of more than one hundred people, according to some accounts. The northern state of Bihar has been particularly […] Read more

Canadian Financial Close: Loonie loses ground to greenback

By MarketsFarm WINNIPEG, June 13 (MarketsFarm) – The Canadian dollar was down at market close on Friday, losing about a third of a cent as the United States dollar gained strength. The loonie finished the day at US$0.7471 or US$1=C$1.3385, which compares with Thursday’s close of US$0.7505 or C$1.3324. The TSX/S&P Composite Index was up […] Read more

Canola muted at midday Friday

By Marlo Glass, MarketsFarm WINNIPEG, June 14 (MarketsFarm) – The ICE Futures canola market was slightly lower at midday Friday. United States corn and soybean markets remained strong despite delayed planting and prolonged wet weather. One Winnipeg-based trader believed the large carryout from previous years may be keeping a lid on canola gains, despite crop […] Read more

Global Markets: Canadian housing market forecast improved

By MarketsFarm WINNIPEG, June 14 (MarketsFarm News) – The following is a glance at the news moving markets in Canada and globally. – The Canadian Real Estate Association has updated its 2019 forecast for home sales, predicting a slight improvement compared to 2018 instead of a previously-expected decline. The improvement is largely driven by house […] Read more