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2017 Machinery Challenge review

This year we put materials-handling equipment to the test

Last year we put UTVs to the test in our first-ever Grainews Machinery Challenge. This time, in our second annual event, we turned our focus to equipment suited for on-farm materials handling. But we weren’t just thinking of the typical ag tractor and front-end loader combo. We wanted to look at machines designed primarily to […] Read more

Our Grainews Machinery Challenge farmer panel on telehandlers

Reader opinions: two contest-winning farmers joined the Grainews judges to evaluate our test machines

The “official” judging team for this year’s Grainews Machinery Challenge included active farmers. But we wondered how our group of test machines might fit into our readers’ farming operations. The best way to answer that, we thought, was to put a few of them in the drivers’ seats. So, Grainews held a contest in the […] Read more

What will farm machines look like in 10 years?

Autonomous drill ready to seed Saskatchewan fields next season

What were most farmers thinking as they watched DOT, the autonomous implement platform, perform for seemingly never-ending crowds during the Ag in Motion farm show in July? It’s hard to say if it was amazement, excitement that field robots are finally here, or some combination of the two. Whichever it was, DOT, the brainchild of […] Read more

Kubota expands its sub-compact tractor line

Brand adds four new BX80 Series diesel tractors to its range of offerings

Most farmyards have a lot of grass to cut to keep things tidy around all the buildings. Cutting those areas can often be a tough job for run-of-the-mill lawn tractors. That’s where the much more sturdy sub-compact tractors on the market today really shine. They rely on more robust drivelines and are really miniature ag […] Read more

More new products from John Deere

The green brand adds new implements and updated technology to its line up

Although the new S700 Series combines were the flagship machines in John Deere’s May launch of new products for 2018, there were several other additions on display at a debut event in Moline, Illinois. Here’s a look at what else the green brand pulled the wraps off. Frontier equipment Deere’s Frontier brand equipment line grows […] Read more


Remove and store duals safely to prevent injuries

Duals are useful to improve traction and reduce soil compaction. However, for some farming activities, they may no longer be necessary. Removing them reduces tire wear and enhances maneuverability. While removing duals doesn’t seem dangerous, there are some hazards associated with the task. People have been crushed by falling wheels and experienced strains and sprains. […] Read more

John Deere updates the S Series combine

New, higher-tech S700 combines debut in Moline for the 
2018 model year

Last month John Deere revealed its 2018 product line to farm media at its Moline Harvester Works facility in Illinois. That was an appropriate place to unveil the line, because arguably the most significant new machines to join the green line — at least as far as Prairie farmers will be concerned — were updated […] Read more

How to repair a faulty fuel gauge

Shop Class: Repairing or replacing a fuel level gauge system on older machines

One fault owners can almost certainly expect to develop on older machines and trucks is a fuel level gauge that eventually stops working. Repairing that problem isn’t too difficult, even if OEM replacement parts are no longer available. There are plenty of aftermarket components that can do the job. However, even though all fuel gauge […] Read more

AGCO introduces high-speed White Planters

White 9800VE Series planters 
use new seed tube design

AGCO’s White Planter brand has recently debuted a new high-speed machine. The updated 9800VE Series planters, which made their first public debut at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, in February, now offer the same placement accuracy at 9.8 m.p.h. as other non-high-speed machines can at less than four, according to the company. […] Read more

Talking trash about seeding equipment

SeedMaster, a brand that often gives farmers a glimpse of its new technologies, chose to show a mockup of its one-row drill concept at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina in June. “It’s something that we’re working with, testing a few ideas on how to better improve residue flow through a machine, but also how […] Read more