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ASV adds models at the high and low end

The Minnesota brand unveils 
a model for tight spaces and 
another offering big horsepower

Following closely on the heels of the debut of its VT-70 track loader, Minnesota-based ASV has introduced two more new models to its line of track loaders, the compact RT-30, which is meant to be a little brother to the larger VT-70, and the biggest machine it’s built yet, the RT-120. The RT-30 is meant […] Read more

Venlaw’s new portable aeration fan

This gas-powered portable fan takes aeration to bins without electricity

Many farms that have grown in size over the years often continue to make use of the remote grain storage facilities they acquired with a land purchase. But often those sites were located on other farmyards, where electricity is no longer available. That means aeration bins can no longer be used without the expense of […] Read more

The era of the pull-type combine: Part 2

A look at how the pull-type design evolved and production eventually ended

In the first part of the pull-type combine story in the January 23, 2018, issue of Grainews we looked at some of the earliest commercial offerings. Now, we pick up the story from World War II until last production in 1991. The war created a serious shortage of farm manpower, which accelerated the demand for […] Read more

Bridging the digital gap

 Agra-GPS “bridge” kit makes Deere GPS compatible with other brands

John Deere currently offers a pretty broad range of digital features for its equipment, and many Prairie growers are familiar with using the brand’s GPS and data management systems. But for those using mixed fleets, transferring the Deere technology to other machines and getting anything near the full range of available features hasn’t always been […] Read more

Pursuing alternative fuels

New Holland continues development work for a world without diesel

New Holland has been pursuing alternate fuel possibilities for more than a decade. In 2006 it became the first ag equipment brand to announce its engines were fully compatible with 100 per cent biodiesel. In 2009 it first showed the world its hydrogen powered NH2 concept tractor at the SIMA machinery show in Paris, France. […] Read more

John Deere adds to its tractor line again

Flagship 6250R model pushes horsepower to 250 in the 6R Series

One of the announcements John Deere made at Germany’s Agritechnica machinery show in November was the introduction of two new models to its 6R tractor line. Although they were just being introduced to the European market at that time, expect to see them become available here in the not-to-distant future. The 230 horsepower 6230R and 250 […] Read more

Ram offers colour-matched pickups

Harvest Edition models available in Case IH red or New Holland blue livery

Are you a Case IH or New Holland guy or gal through and through? If so, it’s now possible to extend your favourite brand colour right down to a new Ram pickup truck. Ram’s new Harvest Edition 1500, 2500 and 3500 models will be available with authentic farm equipment colours from those two brands. But […] Read more

The era of pull-type combines: Part 1

Grainews looks back at the evolution of today's combine, from 1886 to 1991

In the beginning the harvester thresher or combine as it came to be known was strictly “pull type” — and pulling was hard. It’s generally believed the Holt Company of Stockton, California, sold the first commercial combine in North America in 1886. It was a 14-foot cut, ground drive machine pulled by up to 14 […] Read more

John Deere offers performance guarantees in Europe

Maintenance agreements help owners in Europe stabilize machinery costs

What do you think the average field size is in Western Europe,” Thomas Höglmeier, segment manager for John Deere, asked the group of North American journalists clustered around him. A moment later he answered his own question: “Two hectares (about five acres) is the average field size,” he said. Höglmeier was leading a media tour through […] Read more