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Planning for a new season of what to plant and grow

Winter evenings are spent going over catalogues and making those decisions

Farmers have a hard time with winter. A part of us just wants to be in the dirt. Basically farmers want to farm, and this starts very young in some people. In an effort to keep our two-year-old grandson from “farming” in our houseplants this winter we did a small experiment with a house farm. […] Read more

Outstanding Young Farmers B.C./Yukon: Brian and Jewel Pauls

Brian and Jewel Pauls are second-generation regional OYF winners

When Frank and Elma Pauls won the B.C./Yukon Outstanding Young Farmer (OYF) award in 1990, young son Brian thought how cool it would be if he followed in their footsteps. As it turns out, he did just that, and it’s very cool indeed. “I remember going through the process with dad and thinking it would be […] Read more

man with chicken

Same standards apply to all livestock sectors

The livestock industry as a whole is on the same track in aiming to produce a high-quality product

I can’t talk much about the situation across Canada, but I certainly get the impression poultry producers in Alberta are doing their best to produce meat birds and eggs to deliver a high-quality product raised with the best production practices possible. Poultry operations don’t have a big fit with Cattleman’s Corner, but looking around the […] Read more