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Managing disease in oat crops

Fungal diseases, bacterial diseases and viral diseases each need different management

Oat growers across the Prairies have a number of foliar diseases to watch out for in their fields: crown and stem rust and septoria leaf complexes. Oats can also harbour a lot of different species of fusarium but, to date, fusarium hasn’t become an issue to the point where it has impacted oat yield or […] Read more

Five reasons to make a farm business plan

Many farmers do not have a business plan. Here are five reasons to make one for your farm

Actually doing a business plan for your farm can be a real chore for many farmers since they are “hands-on” people that prefer the actual day-to-day work (which is always necessary) rather than “desk work.” However, as operations become larger, more complex and involve more people the reasons for business plans become more important. Here […] Read more

Regenerative agriculture for the next generation

Ryan Boyd uses farming practices that rebuild his soil without breaking the ban

When he came back to the farm, Ryan Boyd was looking for a lower-risk farming scenario. As a young farmer, “I didn’t want to stick my neck out and have a large loss in one year,” he told reporters and communications professionals gathered on the approach to one of his fields near Brandon, Manitoba in […] Read more

Bacterial-based soils: addicted to crop inputs

Adding high-quality carbon to our soils can make farming more fun and profitable

Soils everywhere in the world consist of air, minerals, water and organic matter. Where the difference occurs is in the composition of soil in different places. As agricultural producers, we can only really manage the organic matter. In a conference this winter, Jay Fuhrer, a conservationist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Bismarck, North […] Read more

Meet your farming neighbours: Bernd Klänhammer

Bernd Klänhammer’s 200-year old family farm was lost in the 50s, then regained

Every farm has its own story. No two farms (or farmers) are exactly alike. Everyone got started in a different way, and every farm has a different combination of family and hired staff who make the decisions and keep things running. But, in general, even after you consider all of the details, farmers are more […] Read more

Grain bag recycling in Western Canada

Grain bags can be a great temporary storage solution, if you can deal with the empties

Large plastic grain bags are continuing to grow in popularity across Western Canada. They are convenient, easy to use and can store massive amounts of grain. Many farmers are converting exclusively to using grain bags instead of bins. But as the bags are emptied as grain is moved throughout the winter and spring, the question […] Read more

Reducing inputs through intercropping

In Part 2 of a 2-part series, a panel of farmers discuss the benefits of intercropping

Many producers who adopt intercrops and cover crops are looking to increase soil and plant health and reduce the need for inputs such as synthetic fertilizers. That effect often becomes clearer the longer they manage the system. The three producers on a panel at an Intercropping Workshop in Brandon, Man., last November shared how they […] Read more

Crop advisor casebook: What caused the colour banding in this wheat field?

A Crop Advisor's Solution from the February 19, 2019 issue of Grainews

One morning last May, I received a call from Dale, a farmer in Westbourne, Man., who farms around 3,500 acres of canola, wheat and soybeans. He told me he had been out walking his fields and noticed “striped” wheat plants. He said the striping, which appeared as yellow bands on the first and second leaves, […] Read more

Cash advances eases interest rate pain

The federal government's Advance Payments Program offers interest free farm loans

Over 10,000 producers use the Canadian Canola Growers Association’s (CCGA) cash advance program every year. The program advances around $1.5 billion annually, mainly to grain and oilseeds operations. CCGA is one of largest administrators of the Advance Payments Program (APP) to Western Canadian producers. The APP is a federal government program made available through Agriculture […] Read more

The evolving role of women in agriculture

Tamara Carter believes women need confidence as well as encouragement

Tamara Carter urges farmwomen to be true to themselves. Know your strengths and then have the patience and persistence to pursue your goals. Have the confidence to sometimes step outside of your comfort zone and go for it. Those are some of the qualities Carter applied herself over a 25-year career of learning the agriculture […] Read more