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Quinoa a profitable rotation crop

This Manitoba farmer says quinoa has been an agronomic bonus for his farm

Quinoa is no longer just for health nuts. Most Canadian consumers are familiar with the ancient grain, and it’s increasingly used as a value-added ingredient in boxed cereals and baked goods due to its high protein and fibre content. And though its low acreage still puts it in the “niche” category of production in western […] Read more

Crop advisor casebook: What’s taking a bite out of this producer’s wheat crop?

A Crop Advisor's Solution from the April 24, 2018 issue of Grainews

While scouting his wheat crop at the end of May last year, Alex noticed some seedling leaf tips were notched. Also, the leaves had holes, giving them a shredded appearance. Alex farms 3,000 acres of barley, wheat, canola and peas near Manning, Alta. Alex thought the damage he found in his wheat crop was caused […] Read more

Getting from combine to customer

This Cigi program is a great way for farmers to learn more about ag markets

At the end of Heather Johnson’s first day of work for the Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi), her colleagues rolled out a fresh rack of bread for everyone to enjoy. “Boy, have I landed in the right place,” she said to herself that day. Johnson, Cigi’s director of communications, was speaking to Combine to Customer […] Read more

Meet your farming neighbours: Mark and Bobbie Bratrud

This is the story of Mark and Bobbie Bratrud, near Weyburn, Sask.

Every farm has its own story. No two farms (or farmers) are exactly alike. Everyone got started in a different way, and every farm has a different combination of family and hired staff who make the decisions and keep things running. But, in general, even after you consider all of the details, farmers are more […] Read more

Wild buckwheat: A weed to watch

Glyphosate alone is just not enough. Why is buckwheat so hard to control?

Wild buckwheat consistently ranks among the top five problematic weeds in Saskatchewan weed surveys. Clark Brenzil, provincial weed control specialist at Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Agriculture, explains what makes this weed so tricky. Wild buckwheat is an annual weed found in cropland in the southern Prairies. Despite farmers’ best efforts, the weed is hardy and persistent […] Read more

Choosing a precision agriculture system

Before you cut the cheque, make sure the system you choose is right for your operation

Depending on which grower you ask, a “precision ag system” can mean anything from GPS-guided autosteer to advanced software that helps them manage just about every aspect of their farm. But with so many new technologies, software platforms, upgrades and equipment providers on the market, what basic principles do growers need to keep in mind […] Read more

Corteva builds on Dow/Dupont foundation

New seed and crop protection company has a one-track mind — agriculture

Following the merger of DuPont and Dow, western Canadian farmers won’t see any major changes for the next year or so, but be ready for Corteva Agriscience — it will be the new name delivering some familiar products, with promises of more and better things to come. The Delaware-based Corteva Agriscience won’t fully take to […] Read more

Adding pulses to pasta

Cigi food researchers are finding ways to make your produce more appealing

Anyone who enjoyed Play-Doh as a child will appreciate watching Paul Ebbinghaus make pasta at the Canadian International Grains Institute’s (Cigi’s) pasta plant, on the main floor of their downtown Winnipeg office. But the international grain markets are not child’s play. The pasta plant is one part of Cigi’s strategy to keep Canadian durum competitive. […] Read more

Decisive Farming offers data incentive

Alberta-based company recognizes malt barley production data has value

If you’re OK with sharing your data for research purposes, Decisive Farming is looking for malt barley growers across Western Canada interested in growing this year’s crop with variable rate technology. The Alberta-based company, providing a wide range of agronomic and farm management services, is actually offering a first-of-a-kind program to pay producers $4 per […] Read more