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Canada’s OYF: Nominees from Saskatchewan

Derek and Tannis Axten focus on encouraging soil biology

Daring to be different may enrich your spirit, but it can also leave you cash poor. If you’re Derek and Tannis Axten, however, you wind up having your fungicide-free cake and eating it too. While the 2017 Outstanding Young Farmer (OYF) Award winners for Saskatchewan began their farming career on a well-trodden path, the route […] Read more

Hops (Humulus lupulus, SYBILLA) background. Fresh hoppy cones.

Hops: the flavour in your beer

These hop growers share their stories on everything from insects to the hop harvest

Francis Gagné and Anne-Marie Lessard wanted to make some changes. The St. Bernard, Quebec farmers raised hogs and broilers, and grew cash crops. But they wanted to exit the pork business, and start a new farm venture. After looking at everything from vineyards to fruit and vegetables, they settled on growing hops. That decision was […] Read more

PHOTOS: Helping with the harvest

Soybeans grown on the Ag in Motion site harvested for 
the Foodgrains Bank

On the morning of October 3, about 30 hardy souls braved finger-numbing cold to celebrate the Canadian Foodgrains Bank harvest at the Ag in Motion site north of Langham, Sask. The soybeans were a little tough, and so only a few acres were harvested for demonstration purposes. But close to 90 acres of soybeans were […] Read more

Promise of self-fertilizing attracts investment

Bayer bets big on a future where crops are designed to fertilizer themselves

There are a lot of efforts underway to optimize and minimize fertilizer use in crop production. Precision agriculture tools are improving the accuracy of where fertilizer is placed so that as much of it as possible reaches the plants that need it. And researchers from at least two Canadian universities — Ottawa’s Carleton University and […] Read more

Four things to know about herbicide layering

Layer your herbicides to increase your odds of avoiding resistant weeds

Herbicide layering was on the agenda at Saskatchewan Agriculture’s Crop Diagnostic School near Indian Head this past summer. Cory Jacob, regional crop specialist in Saskatchewan Agriculture’s Watrous office, walked participants through the process. 1. What is herbicide layering? “We’re basically talking about layering on multiple herbicide modes of action and groups in sequential application. So, mainly your pre-seed and […] Read more

2017 young farmers to be showcased

Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers will 
gather in Penticton later this month

Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers (OYF) will be gathering in Penticton, B.C., later this month to select two farm nominees from seven regional finalists to be named national winners for 2017. About 150 OYF alumni and guests will be gathering at the Lakeside Resort convention centre from Nov. 29 to Dec. 3 for the 37th annual […] Read more

Crop Advisor’s Casebook: What happened to these canola roots?

A Crop Advisor's Solution from the November 7, 2017 issue of Grainews

Dennis farms 3,400 acres of malt barley, wheat, yellow peas and canola near Vulcan, Alta. With canola samples in tow, he visited our office in early June. The plants he showed me were wilted, but had retained their green colour. However, it was the roots that caught my attention. They looked like they’d been put […] Read more

Vive le Québec différence

“Farming” in Quebec is definitely not what we’re used to here on the Prairies

When the Canadian Farm Writers Federation announced they were holding their 2017 meeting in Quebec City, I went straight to the Internet to find the registration form. As well as full programs of speakers CFWF conferences are known for featuring great agricultural tours. This year’s agenda didn’t disappoint, as delegates to the Quebec conference at the […] Read more

Developing resistance: Group 2 herbicides

Each herbicide group kills weeds differently. Weed resistance differs by herbicide group

When talking about herbicide resistance, Bryce Geisel likes to make sure people realize that spraying herbicides doesn’t cause resistance in a weed. Instead there are individual plants that, by chance, resist the herbicide. Those plants survive and pass on their resistance traits. “And with Group 2s in particular, it’s just altering the target site,” says […] Read more

Managing fungicide resistance

Your risk of resistance will depend on the disease you have and the fungicide you spray

Should western Canadian farmers be concerned about fungicide resistance? And if so, how should they manage it? Fungicide resistance shares some fundamentals with herbicides, says Jared Veness, field marketing manager at Bayer Crop Science. By applying fungicide, farmers are applying selection pressure to a pest. Within that pest’s population, there are likely individuals with mutations […] Read more