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aerated grain bins

Safer grain storage with automation?

PAMI tests a new Australian system that controls fans based on outside weather

With more large bins on the farm, safe grain storage has become more important. And keeping grain from heating or spoiling is more complicated than it would seem. “The chance of spoilage really depends on two things. It’s both temperature and moisture,” said Lorne Grieger, the Prairie Agriculture Machinery Institute (PAMI) vice president for Manitoba […] Read more

Poor quality cereal seed on deck for 2017

Cereal quality is down across the Prairies, but pulse and soybean seed looks good for 2017

Farmers across the Prairies will remember 2016 as the year when they had frequent, above-average moisture right through the growing season, delaying both seeding and harvest in many cases. All that moisture means there will be some poor quality cereal seed around for the 2017 season, although the quality of pulses like peas and fava […] Read more

Wheat seedlings growing in Petri dishes

How do I interpret my seed test?

Know what you’re looking for before you take your seed to the lab for spring testing

Following a wet growing season that caused all kinds of disease issues across the Prairies, which reduced the quality of cereal seed in all three provinces, seed testing is coming to the forefront as seed growers and farmers want to find out what they can expect from their seed for the upcoming season. “Although everyone […] Read more

Coping with all those wet spring soils

After last fall’s moisture, spring seeding is going to require patience and flexibility

Patience is a virtue, but it’s not an easy one to practice, especially when it involves waiting for saturated fields to dry up so you can get out and seed this year’s crop. Last fall left many Prairie fields already saturated thanks to late fall rains and early snowfalls, and after a winter with heavy […] Read more

fertilizer spreading tractor

Most common fertility questions

Rigas Karamonos answers the fertilizer questions he’s hearing from farmers

At CropConnect in Manitoba in February, Dr. Rigas Karamanos gave his 868th presentation to farmers. He’s been counting. And, he said, it’s the 35th time he’s been asked to give a talk on “contemporary fertility issues.” He used his time on the CropConnect agenda to talk about the issues he hears farmers raising. Fertilizing for […] Read more

Crop Advisor’s Casebook: Poor emergence in canola crop

A Crop Advisor's Solution from the May 19, 2015 issue of Grainews

In mid-May I got a call from David, who grows 2,000 acres of canola, wheat, soybeans and peas on his farm in southeastern Manitoba. It had been three weeks since David had planted his canola crop, but he was seeing very poor emergence in the field. David had hoped for eight to 10 plants per […] Read more

Research, development and discussion

Researchers develop crop 
protection products, regulators 
limit use and consumers worry

Syngenta is a household name for farmers so I was quite excited at the opportunity to visit its Crop Protection plant in Stein, AG, Switzerland, this January with the Swiss Farm Writers Association. The Stein plant is the third largest globally and concentrates on research and development of fungicide and insecticide products. Less than three […] Read more

Hand going through the field

Farmers a hit on international crop missions

Buyers of Canadian grains had some questions that only actual producers could answer

If you want to know about Canadian agriculture you ask a farmer. That was the simple reality that farmers who accompanied industry experts on the 2016 Canadian Wheat New Crop Missions learned fast. “Meeting a producer, and seeing and hearing how the wheat they are buying is grown, stored and delivered are essential parts of […] Read more

Winter wheat stands: how thin is too thin?

Give your winter wheat crop time to fill in. Assess your stand in May

If you’re used to growing spring wheat, your winter wheat stand in May might seem a little lacking. That’s to be expected, says Paul Thoroughgood, an agronomist with the Western Winter Wheat Initiative. “With winter wheat, growers need to be patient,” he says. “Winter wheat out-yields spring wheat by a sizeable amount most years, but […] Read more

Elgin ND wheat meets sellers’ claims

This Canadian northern hard red wheat gave growers high yields and better returns

Elgin ND promises high yields and better returns. Do those claims hold up in farmers’ fields? Two growers who tried out the new variety last year share their experience. North Dakota State University plant breeders developed Elgin ND as a high-yielding milling variety. They first distributed it south of the border in 2013. In Canada, […] Read more