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Crop Advisor’s Casebook: The case of the yellow-tinged spring wheat

A Crop Advisor's Solution from the December 5, 2017 issue of Grainews

In June 2016, I had an interesting situation arise when Rob, a Brunkild-area producer, called me about his yellowing red spring wheat crop. While out scouting his other fields for crop staging, Rob noticed one of his wheat fields, which he had sprayed with herbicide a few days earlier, had a yellow tinge to it. […] Read more

Drumroll for the 2017 Canola 100 challenge results

Results of the second year of the contest to find a 100-bushel canola yield to be announced this week

Is the “green” going home this year? That’s the question that will be answered this first week of December as the results of the 2017 Canola 100 challenge are revealed at the Agri-Trend Agrology Farm Forum conference in Calgary. This is the second year of the three-year Canola 100 contest challenging canola growers from across […] Read more

Mother Nature shreds canola contest plans

Two major hail events takes 2016 yield leader out of the running

Mike Nelson is all too familiar with the fact you can plan the best possible agronomy program for canola, but Mother Nature has to sign off first. Nelson, who farms with family members near Westaskiwin, Alta., was the yield leader in the 2016 Canola 100 challenge producing a verified yield of 81.6 bushels per acre […] Read more

Canada’s OYF: Nominees from Ontario

Dusty Zamecnik puts heart into diversified berries and beer operation

Getting and keeping Canadian greenhouse operators into the winter strawberry production business is a passion for Ontario farmer Dusty Zamecnik. And he’s not just focused on Canadian berry production — that’s already gaining some ground in Ontario, and B.C. with a small start in Alberta. But, some of the 16 million strawberry plants he produces […] Read more

Brewing canary seed

Will Canary Seed Blonde set the stage for a new market 
for your canary seed?

We all know that canary seed is no longer just for the birds. But is it for the brewers? It was a question on Lauren Wensley’s mind when she was discussing a new malting barley with a “friend of a friend” who works with Rebellion Brewing in Regina. Rebellion is known for trying out small, […] Read more

Canada’s OYF: Nominees from Manitoba

Brent and Kirsty Oswald are always looking for dairy efficiencies

Dairy farmers, Brent and Kirsty Oswald have been chosen as Manitoba’s Outstanding Young Farmers for 2017. Brent, 35 and Kirsty, 31 operate Cottonwood Holsteins Ltd., a third-generation mixed grain and dairy farm near Steinbach. The Oswalds milk 140 cows and seed just under 2,500 acres of grain land. Their focus has always been on getting better […] Read more

Canada’s OYF: Nominees from Atlantic Canada

For Lauchie and Jolene MacEachern, fine-tuning management improves production

For the MacEachern family keeping their dairy cows, of course well fed, but also equally important — comfortable — is helping improve the efficiency and productivity of their central Nova Scotia dairy farm. Since they’ve have been owners of the Folly River Farm near Debert, N.S. for the past five years, Lauchie and Jolene MacEachern […] Read more

Canada’s OYF: Nominees from British Columbia

Gary and Marie Baars started with a dream, 
then realized it through hard work

Wanted: Energetic, inexperienced couple to work long days with few days off and no assurance of success. Interested? If not, you’re not alone, and you’re definitely not Gary and Marie Baars. The 2017 Outstanding Young Farmer Award winners from Chilliwack, B.C. didn’t let long odds and a shortage of experience hold them back, and now […] Read more

Canada’s OYF: The nominees from Alberta

This award is a feather in the cap of these new turkey farmers

She was new to turkeys and he was new to farming. What could possibly go wrong? As it turns out, not much, which is why Marc and Hinke Therrien of Redwater, Alta., are proud winners as Alberta regional nominees for the Outstanding Young Farmer (OYF) Award. “I’m not a farm kid; I grew up in […] Read more

Canada’s OYF: Quebec nominees

Francois Handfield and Veronique Bouchard embrace organic farming

They were two non-farmers who started out with $500, a wheelbarrow and a dream. Less than 10 years later, Francois Handfield and Veronique Bouchard have a thriving organic market garden, community shared agriculture business supplying produce to about 4,000 people, they employ up to 20 seasonal workers, and gross about $800,000 annually. A lot of […] Read more