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The evolving role of women in agriculture

Tamara Carter believes women need confidence as well as encouragement

Tamara Carter urges farmwomen to be true to themselves. Know your strengths and then have the patience and persistence to pursue your goals. Have the confidence to sometimes step outside of your comfort zone and go for it. Those are some of the qualities Carter applied herself over a 25-year career of learning the agriculture […] Read more

Farmyard security takes a leap forward

Video surveillance systems mean there are always eyes on the farm

Not so long ago, farmyard security meant keeping a rifle and ammunition handy. But there are better options, says Virgil Reed, founder and CEO of Saskatoon-based Reed Security. “Farmyard security has always been an issue, but today there’s a lot more awareness about it due to events in the media,” says Reed. “Farms have poor […] Read more

New tech: Simplifying complex issues on the farm

New technologies are coming our way faster than ever. These 2 solutions use planes and ducks

Although huge strides have been made with technology in the agricultural industry with field mapping, GPS and even autonomous implements, other areas of farming have gone unchanged for far too long. With an increase in ag-focused Silicon Valley-style start-up companies popping up in Western Canada and the U.S. new technologies are finding their way onto […] Read more

Clubroot is here. Deal with it

Use best practices and management to keep it low and localized

Be proactive against clubroot in canola. It is not a matter of it might be coming, it is already here. If it hasn’t affected your county or your farm yet, the question isn’t about if it will appear, but really about when. That’s the message Alberta farmers were hearing late last year, as part of […] Read more

Crop advisor casebook: A thin lentil crop due to seeding problems?

A Crop Advisor's Solution from the February 12, 2019 issue of Grainews

Colin farms 6,000 acres of canola, lentils, durum and canaryseed south of Regina, Sask. He called me at the beginning of June about his poor lentil stand. He said the stand looked less vigorous than it should. He thought the problem might be related to seeding. “I must’ve messed up during seeding. Maybe I put […] Read more

Friendly Acres 2018 year in review

Changes are in store for Friendly Acres, but soil health will still be the top priority

One of the challenges of farming in a continental climate is weather. That is why farmers talk about it, complain about it, and want to either get good forecasts for it or control over it. Looks like the excess water issue that we had for eight years solved itself. Two years of below-normal moisture has […] Read more

Allison Ammeter morphs into changing roles

Women in agriculture: At home, in the farm and in the boardroom, women are playing many roles

Allison Ammeter may not have a Class 1 driver’s licence, but put her in front of microphone and she can comfortably cover a lot of ground. The central Alberta farmer says at one time she was dogged by the notion “to be a real farmer you needed a Class 1 drivers licence” and be able […] Read more

Intercropping lets farmers do more with less

Intercropping helps farmers increase profits on fewer acres. Part 1 of a 2-part series

It’s interesting how many farmers adopting regenerative agricultural practices, like intercropping and cover crops, are either downsizing their operations, thinking about downsizing or have taken the pressure off in terms of looking for more high-priced land to expand (either to buy or rent). The three producers on a panel at an Intercropping Workshop in Brandon, […] Read more

Meet your farming neighbours: Markus Stamm

Meet Markus Stamm. He may not live nearby, but his story is a lot like yours

Every farm has its own story. No two farms (or farmers) are exactly alike. Everyone got started in a different way, and every farm has a different combination of family and hired staff who make the decisions and keep things running. But, in general, even after you consider all of the details, farmers are more […] Read more

The 2019 rebate roundup

Just cashed your rebate cheque from 2018? Find out what’s new for this year

Once again, it’s time for the Grainews annual rebate roundup. For most farmers, rebate programs aren’t the main factor in the decision-making process. A rebate program falls far behind factors like choosing the right product, buying from a retailer you like, and of course the actual price. But, everyone likes a rebate! Especially when the […] Read more