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Remembering schoolhouse history

The Prairies are smattered with the remains of once-thriving one-room schoolhouses

About a century ago, pioneers came to Western Canada with virtually nothing but the hope of a better life and escape from oppression. Though overpromised on the realities of life on the Prairies, they made the best of what they had. They obtained home quarters for a small sum, and met other obligations — breaking […] Read more

Mother and daughter both use bison for their cottage industries

Whether it’s tallow for soap or fibre for yarn, bison are a handy, nearby source

One of Barb Janzen’s enjoyable summer activities is roaming the quiet countryside foraging for wild rose petals, wild chamomile, sage, yarrow and mint to use in her homemade soap. Janzen, her husband Don, and his brother Larry raise bison near Glenbush, Saskatchewan, and having now retired from a long nursing career, she is eager to […] Read more

Farmers’ markets are more than food

First We Eat: When I take my aging mom it’s a slow, social event as she carefully examines everything and talks to everyone

We’ve finished our coffee, and I am helping my mom into my car for our weekly trip to one of the local farmers’ markets. She has her green corduroy tote bag over one arm, her purse holding its little zip-up change purse on the other, her favourite feathered hat on her head, her cane in […] Read more

How to approach Father for more financial transparency

Find out what’s causing fear of transparency and learn how to talk openly about money

One of the key definitions for fairness I use is “Fairness is helping everyone be successful.” The “F” in FAIR, stands for financial transparency. What does this mean to young farmers hoping to take over the management of the farm? It means everything! Last night our family had an impromptu meal at the successor’s home. […] Read more

Making sourdough bread

First We Eat: If you have trouble digesting bread try sourdough

Gluten and wheat intolerance has been in my family for decades. My sister Lee gave up eating all wheat-based foods in her early 20s after a childhood and teenage years filled with bellyaches and gastrointestinal distress. Fifteen years ago, I started to experience similar negative reactions to bread. But according to food writer and historian […] Read more

Singing Gardener: Nutritional benefits of the potato and a little-known way of baking it

Plus, Ted shares more reader feedback

Something tells me this intro might appear a little longer than usual. It’s all for good informative reading. Got your sprouted seed potatoes in the ground yet? It’s not too late to plant more! There’ll be a thing or two said about spuds further along. Plus — one method for baking potatoes and some reader […] Read more

Learning to love eggplant

First We Eat: At worst it can be boring and woody — at best it has a melting texture with a subtle taste making it perfect for a variety of dishes

Like many Canadian children, my early experience of eggplant was anything but remarkable. My mom, a staunch Prairie cook, first encountered eggplant on her travels to Europe as a young mother with an Air Force husband. On her return to Canada, she did her best: she grew or bought globe eggplant, sliced it, dredged the […] Read more

Dawn In The Australian Outback

Is a trip to Australia in your future?

If so, here’s some helpful tips you’ll want to know about

Australia is a country that should be on every farmer’s bucket list to visit. Nowhere in the world can you find farming, (and farmers) that most imitate what we see in our own Prairie towns yet with a unique British flair. Getting ideas Careful planning and research will make for a safe, enjoyable and rewarding […] Read more

Finding their niche

Starting out with seven acres the McBains now process 3,000 to 5,000 pounds of garlic a year

In 1996, as a farm diversification project, Krista and Dave McBain planted seven acres of garlic on their grain farm near White Fox, Saskatchewan. Today their company, M & M Garlic is one of the largest garlic processors in the province, processing between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds a year. “We were looking for a commodity […] Read more