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Who will be at your table this Easter?

Hospitality is a good way to draw people together and build understanding

Watching the snow fly and hearing the wind howl is great motivation to have visions of Easter breads, tulips, lilies and folks gathered to celebrate. I attended a gathering last weekend where we were reminded again about the importance of hospitality to draw folks together and build understanding. A farm transition consultant has the habit […] Read more

Will your family be ‘schpocking’ at Easter?

Prairie Palate: This ancient game of cracking hard-boiled eggs traces back to Russian tradition

In some parts of the world, the new year is celebrated at the spring equinox. This makes perfect sense. At the equinox, the days get longer, the sun gets warmer and things start to grow again. Spring is nature’s new year. OK, OK, it’s still half winter here, but a New Year’s celebration would pick […] Read more

Dealing with abusive behaviour on your farm

You have to be proactive rather than reactive to bad behaviour

I soaked up the seminar “Dealing with Abusive Behaviour at work,” led by Dave McNaughton an HR specialist from Winnipeg. Dave referred to Dr. Stephen Hart’s video from the Proactive Resolutions company, (You have to love the idea of being proactive rather than reactive to bad behaviour in the workplace.) Give everyone a safe […] Read more

Make an old-time Strawberry Pudding

Prairie Palate: The recipe first appeared in a newspaper in 1918

A century ago, Canada was at war. The battle for Vimy Ridge took place on April 9 to 12, 1917, during which 3,600 Canadians lost their lives and thousands were wounded. Back in Canada, families supported the war effort in many ways, including in their kitchens. They were encouraged to be frugal, eliminate kitchen waste, […] Read more

Edible flower gardening

Flowers not only look good in the garden, lots of them make great eating

Some people prefer to grow flowers and some people prefer to grow good things to eat, but me, I like to do both at once. Edible flower gardening. Here are good reasons to eat flowers: Flowers taste good. Think of peppery nasturtiums, tangy tangerine marigolds, sweet red clover and the blossoms of herbs. Flowers are […] Read more

Winning the talent wars to attract the best team

Here’s some tips from Donald Cooper on creating a better culture on the farm

Eight essential steps to attracting, engaging and leading a top-performing team” was presented by my speaking colleague Donald Cooper at the FarmTech 2017 conference in Edmonton. I appreciate Donald, who at age 75 has decades of business life experience for how he translates creating a better culture on our farms. Much of this article are […] Read more

Start asparagus plants from seeds

Singing Gardener: Plus, what is Paruresis and some tips if you have it

Late March and early April are the times of year I begin scratching around the soil to see what’s popping up besides dandelions and daffodils. Depending on weather, I may soon plant, or will have already planted a short row or two of radish seeds in a sunny sheltered microclimate spot. I share a short excerpt from […] Read more

Creativity on the farm

Bonny MacNab is a woman of many talents

When Bonny MacNab got off the train to visit her grandparents in northwestern Saskatchewan in the early ’80s, she only expected to stay for a short visit. Raised in B.C., MacNab was heading to Toronto to pursue a career in the arts. But the Prairies, which she’d loved since she was a child, surprised her […] Read more

Inspiration from a centenarian — grow gooseberries

Plus, info on blight and Ted shares reader’s opinion on earthworms

Now what’s Ted up to on this occasion you ask? Here’s a clue. Remember that handwritten letter from Alberta I mentioned last column? Read on and learn what the next mini-story is about. Also, more on late blight-resistant tomatoes. I’m including gooseberries for the very first time and my inspiration is a centenarian. Time for […] Read more

Couple’s love of miniature horses began many years ago

En route to a rodeo a detour resulted in the purchase of three minis instead

Gilles and Esther Labelle became acquainted with miniature horses about 15 years ago when they were en route to a rodeo in Saskatoon and decided to make a slight detour to attend an exotic animal sale at the local auction. The couple never made it to the rodeo, but three miniature horses came home with […] Read more