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Try this Métis recipe for Bullet Soup

Prairie Palate: The name has nothing to do with ammunition 
and everything to do with little meatballs

I love my book club. We’ve been together for 24 years. Some of us have been there from the beginning and others have come and gone over time. Our newest member joined in September. I use the words “joined” and “member” loosely as there is no membership criteria beyond a love of good conversation over […] Read more

Natural products business flourishing

Goal was to create quality products containing no harmful chemicals

When Mike Zimmer launched his line of natural body care products in 2010, he had already spent several years researching, testing, and fine tuning his salves, soaps, and deodorants. His goal was to create quality products that actually worked, and did not contain harmful chemicals that might jeopardize people’s health or wreak havoc with the […] Read more

I worry about my farmer’s stress

Nurse Loves Farmer: Measures need to be taken to preserve health and decrease stress levels on the farm

In the fall of 2006 when I was still dating my farmer, I’ll never forget the day we were lounging in his basement bedroom listening to music in the house he rented from in Edmonton. This house was a mere three-block stroll to the University of Alberta, where he was finishing up his crop sciences […] Read more

Beef stroganoff history — a mix of fact and fancy

Prairie Palate: Many think it’s a Hungarian dish but it actually originated in Russia

For some time I have been under the erroneous assumption that beef stroganoff is a Hungarian dish. Must be the paprika and sour cream. The fact is, beef stroganoff originated in Russia with nary a dash of paprika. It was originally flavoured with mustard. I learned this culinary fact in September when I visited Russia […] Read more

Meet a tomato-growing farmer

Singing Gardener: Plus, how do you take your garlic?

Seems to me fruits of the vine and apples of the earth are top of the list when it comes to homegrown vegetables among Canadian gardeners, so both share space on this page with a hint of garlic at the end. Had the good fortune to spend a day to remember with gardener and farmer […] Read more

Marriage fitness… building a stronger team

Spend some time this fall and winter to get your partnership in better shape

Some folks are thankful for a phenomenal crop this season, thanks to heaps of snow last winter giving residual moisture during our hot, dry summer. Unfortunately it seems that spouses may spend more attention on crop production than they do to their marriage partnerships, and the cracks are really showing up. I challenge you to […] Read more

Info on apple maggots and how to deter them

Singing Gardener: Plus, Ted shares more reader requests

Thank you good people for your phone calls, emails, letters. I get them all. A great big hello to Herman Swab from up there at Andrew, Alberta. Herman asks on the phone: “When are you going to write that book?” Yours truly Ted replies: There are a lot of books and magazines about gardening out there, each […] Read more

How healthy are your feet?

There are many causes of curled-up toes and sore flat feet but there are exercises you can do to strengthen foot muscles

Do you have old person feet? Yes, I do actually ask my clients this question, and no I am not implying that all seniors have bad feet. I want to know — are your toes curled up and cramped with probably sore feet, poor balance and dysfunctional arches? A healthy foot has spaces between the […] Read more

Mental health on the farm: understanding stress

According to a 2005 report, almost two-thirds of Canadian farmers are feeling stressed on their farms. One in five farmers describe themselves as being “very stressed” while almost half (45 per cent) describe themselves as being “somewhat stressed.” Stress is all around us. Understanding it and managing it are essential in having healthy minds and […] Read more

Kohl’s top producer tips in times of economic resets

Here’s some ideas to help become an even better farmer

Minnesota farmer Paul Zimmerman extended a firm handshake and greeting on behalf of his daughter to Dr. David Kohl, professor emeritus from Virginia Tech. Zimmerman’s daughter is a likely successor to their farm. She started her mentorship with Dr. Kohl’s insights in Mankato, Minn. years ago when she wrote notes as a high schooler in […] Read more