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Kohl’s top producer tips in times of economic resets

Here’s some ideas to help become an even better farmer

Minnesota farmer Paul Zimmerman extended a firm handshake and greeting on behalf of his daughter to Dr. David Kohl, professor emeritus from Virginia Tech. Zimmerman’s daughter is a likely successor to their farm. She started her mentorship with Dr. Kohl’s insights in Mankato, Minn. years ago when she wrote notes as a high schooler in […] Read more

A reader looks for a solution to garden soil problem

Singing Gardener: Plus, info and benefits of lecithin

Have you ever heard of lecithin? I’ve been taking it on and off for a long time and am sharing some info of what I’ve discovered about lecithin. We’re all aware of bannock, but have you ever made it? More later. Now the curtain rises on my make-believe stage. With mike in hand and a […] Read more

Following Canada’s Food Guide

Try this recipe that will fit all four categories of the current guide

The federal government is updating Canada’s Food Guide and I say it’s about time. I have a few bones to pick with the last one. For instance, take the recommendation to eat six to seven grain products per day. That’s the recommended amount for an adult woman; for men it’s eight. I grew up on […] Read more

At least say hi to me!

Here’s some things that people found helpful and not so helpful after being diagnosed with cancer

When David* was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of brain cancer and told he had a year at most to live, he and his wife Angie* went through a very difficult time of adjustment. Knowing that their wide circle of friends and large family were there for them meant a lot. Urs Eschbach, a […] Read more

Emotional agility during harvest

This means if you have troubling thoughts or emotions you can still act in a way 
that serves how you most want to live

I love harvest. The golden glow of waving wheat, the meals in the fields, and the joy of everyone on the farm team working hard to “get ’er done!” 2017 is a stressful harvest for the folks suffering from drought, the after-effects of the 2016 delayed harvest, and a myriad of other issues. Regardless of […] Read more

Spudnuts — specialty of the Saskatoon summer fair

Prairie Palate: These potato doughnuts are light and fluffy and a delicious way to eat mashed potatoes

Today, I would like to tell you about the time I kept a New Year’s resolution all the way into August. Yes, eight months. No fails. As you might guess, this resolution had nothing to do with exercise, weight loss or budgeting, all of which have a low success rate beyond February 1. No, this […] Read more

Info on edible wild mushrooms

One word of caution — never eat any mushrooms that have not been properly identified

Had an informative and enjoyable visit with Bagot, Manitoba-area resident Ed Brecknell in mid-May of this year where I learned about distinctive and edible morel mushroom (Morchella elata) and edible oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus). Both are wild fungi without chlorophyll and grow randomly on his farm property. There are also oyster mushroom lookalikes and poisonous […] Read more

Developing the cherry industry in Western Canada

Saskatchewan couple’s venture into growing cherries turns into establishment 
of on-farm processing plant

When Bruce and Charlene Hill planted 80 sour cherry shrubs on their farmyard near Imperial, Sask. in 2005, they had no idea their venture would result in the establishment of a processing plant on their farm, as well as initiate a nationwide cherry industry. Bruce had been involved in agriculture most of his life but […] Read more

Time to get outside for a picnic

Prairie Palate: Pack up a basket with no-fuss food and enjoy a meal outdoors

Have we forgotten the pleasure of picnicking? Long before the convenience of slow cookers and Crock-Pots, Prairie folks were quick to pack a basket and enjoy a pleasant meal outdoors in the company of family and friends. Many occasions called for a picnic: sport days, rodeos, end-of-school celebrations, church gatherings, Canada Day, 4th of July […] Read more

Farm dads and emotions of quitting farming

It’s my 22nd Father’s Day column and I will do my best to not make “Charlie from Saskatchewan” feel like I am beating up farm dads! A reader asked me to write about the emotions of quitting farming. Let’s take the approach of the farm culture attributes farm founders appreciate. What might it feel like […] Read more