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Just a salad for dinner?

Prairie Palate: Yes — if it’s a hearty one with pasta and meat like this Vietnamese Salad

You know that woman who goes out for dinner with her date (read: husband) and, despite a full and varied menu, orders a salad? OK, that’s me. I have nothing against a big bowl of pasta or a good steak (blue rare, please) or the seafood special of the day. I love it all. But […] Read more

Help for those tight muscles

Here’s some techniques to try to help loosen up that tense tissue

Ever have a tight neck after a stressful day with no one to rub it for you? Good news! You can release those tense tissues on your own — not quite as relaxing — but it will make you feel better. Soft Tissue Release is a form of massage that involves finding pressure points in […] Read more

Some info on growing artichokes

Singing Gardener: Plus, Ted shares more feedback from readers

As always, lots to write about in Grainews Singing Gardener page. Am sharing more feedback from readers, so thanks to folks who take time to write. Got some thoughts on the best days to go fishing once the rod and reel season opens in your area. Here where I am we’ve got the Portage Diversion spillway that […] Read more


Using wild edibles on our farm

Plants that are often regarded as ‘weeds’ can actually be beneficial

A few years ago we started to learn how to use more herbs and “weeds” around the farm. The one that totally surprised our family was purslane (Portulaca oleracea), or as we call it, wild portulaca. It is very invasive, so if left to grow it needs boundaries with border edging. It’s worth keeping around […] Read more

Blazing Star Wildflower Seed Company

Family business grows native wildflowers and heirloom veggies and markets the seeds

When Renny Grilz’s parents started the Blazing Star Wildflower Seed Company as a farm diversification project in 1992, they didn’t anticipate the interest and success the business would generate. “They were one of the first companies offering wildflower seeds native to Western Canada and did extremely well for the first couple of years. Then the […] Read more

A rose to celebrate Canada’s birthday

Singing Gardener: Plus, some good sources for tomato seeds

Some who haven’t heard me sing have asked: Do you really write and sing your own songs? My answer is — Absolutely! My latest one commemorates Canada’s 150th birthday. I call it: “That’s Who We Are.” This page includes an Alberta reader’s experience with water dowsing; a subject I covered several times in past Grainews […] Read more

How to have the perfect seeding baby

Nurse Loves Farmer: During seeding on the farm may not be the best time to have a baby but it all worked out

Ever since we had our second baby boy after harvest in 2012, I wondered if we would have just one more. Maybe we’d get a little girl to add to our family, or maybe we were just perfect as we were with our two little boys. We hemmed and hawed for 2-1/2 years unable to […] Read more

Who will be at your table this Easter?

Hospitality is a good way to draw people together and build understanding

Watching the snow fly and hearing the wind howl is great motivation to have visions of Easter breads, tulips, lilies and folks gathered to celebrate. I attended a gathering last weekend where we were reminded again about the importance of hospitality to draw folks together and build understanding. A farm transition consultant has the habit […] Read more

Will your family be ‘schpocking’ at Easter?

Prairie Palate: This ancient game of cracking hard-boiled eggs traces back to Russian tradition

In some parts of the world, the new year is celebrated at the spring equinox. This makes perfect sense. At the equinox, the days get longer, the sun gets warmer and things start to grow again. Spring is nature’s new year. OK, OK, it’s still half winter here, but a New Year’s celebration would pick […] Read more

Dealing with abusive behaviour on your farm

You have to be proactive rather than reactive to bad behaviour

I soaked up the seminar “Dealing with Abusive Behaviour at work,” led by Dave McNaughton an HR specialist from Winnipeg. Dave referred to Dr. Stephen Hart’s video from the Proactive Resolutions company, (You have to love the idea of being proactive rather than reactive to bad behaviour in the workplace.) Give everyone a safe […] Read more