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And this is how it all began…

First We Eat: … and now I’m back home — really home — in Saskatchewan

I was an Air Force brat, born on a French airbase, raised on bases in Manitoba, northern Alberta, Quebec, Vancouver Island. In 1973, after my dad had mustered out and went on to earn a degree and teaching certificate, my grandparents were deciding to retire from farming. Teaching did not agree with Dad, and when […] Read more

Relieve those winter aches and pains

Here’s some suggestions to help you feel better through the cold months

As we get through winter, it’s not uncommon to see an increase in certain injuries. While the cold weather and lack of sunshine play their part in how we feel and function, there’s a few things we can do to keep our bodies moving during the snowy, dark months. A common complaint during the winter […] Read more

Ways to encourage the cherish factor with the one you love

Talk to each other and find out what you both want and need to feel loved

My husband of 36 years just dropped me off at the Minot airport in his pickup. We enjoyed the two-hour ride together listening to inspirational tunes, and laughing when we had to stop to help herd stray Angus back to their farm. As farm kids we both chased lots of cows, and it reminded us […] Read more

Chili recipe to feed a crowd

First We Eat: After a cold winter afternoon outdoors with friends here’s a tasty way to warm up

For the past seven years, we’ve greeted the new year by throwing makeshift curling rocks across the icy lake that surrounds our home west of Saskatoon. The lake arrived in spring 2011, eight months after we’d taken up residence on what has been my family’s farm for decades. Following the flood, we used a neighbour’s […] Read more

Johnson Livestock — A true family business

Saskatchewan Angus operation is run by young couple, four daughters and his parents

Every bull and nearly every cow bought from Johnson Livestock is delivered in person to the customer. The personalized service is part of a two-pronged approach at this purebred Angus operation — old-fashioned customer service coupled with new-school dedication to keeping a finger on the pulse of the market. “We truly care about our cattle […] Read more

Changing my tune about gluten-free labelling

When my nephew was diagnosed with celiac disease I found out more about gluten and here’s what I discovered

Believe me, there was a time (not too long ago) that I was the biggest scoffer of any gluten-free labelling on foods that clearly did not have any wheat, barley or rye in it. Gluten is a protein that is only found in those specific grains, so why was there gluten-free oatmeal? Clearly there is no gluten […] Read more

Lessons from the hospital

When my husband was in a serious accident I learned many things while helping to care for him

My new year is in September when harvest is in full swing. On October 2, 2017 our farm family entered a new season of caring for my husband Wes, who collided at an uncontrolled intersection in his 2015 pickup with a heavy-duty trailer which flipped. Multiple rib fractures, concussion and a separated shoulder put Wes […] Read more

Goodbye from Amy Jo Ehman

Prairie Palate: A fond farewell as she focuses on other projects

As we say hello to a new year, it’s time for me to say goodbye to all my friends and fans at Grainews. This is my last column. Writing a food column is a special joy. There aren’t many things that I’m any good at in this world but writing and cooking. I heart them […] Read more

Artist captures memories of farm life

Growing up on a Saskatchewan farm produced many fond recollections

Growing up on a farm provided artist Dan Reid with a bank of pleasant, nostalgic memories that he can now immortalize on canvas for present and future generations to appreciate. Reid’s parents owned a mixed farm near Crystal Springs, northeast of Wakaw, Saskatchewan. Some of his fondest recollections as a youngster are travelling to school […] Read more

Readers ask for more tomato info

Singing Gardener: Plus, farming couple shares photos of their flowers

All for the love of tomatoes opens the page in this my first Grainews column for 2018. I share an email from Alberta and a phone conversation with a farmer’s wife out of Unity, Sask. Am still out and about promoting the connection between five or more weekly servings of no-sugar-added homemade tomato juice, tomato soup, stewed […] Read more