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Forget about the ‘Spaghetti Western’ and try this ‘Spaghetti Eastern’ dish

First We Eat: You’ll want to give this ramen noodles in a tasty broth recipe a try

It’s a wintry morning in Calgary, where I am visiting my son and his partner. We are bundled up, standing in line. Even though the chinook is blowing in, the morning is raw, and I am grateful I didn’t make any assumptions and underdress. It’s still deep-freeze Prairie winter. The restaurant’s door opens at 11 […] Read more

Singing Gardener: Taking care of a rosemary plant in low-light time of year

Plus, how to make some liquid calcium from dried eggshells to use on tomato plants

For some time my thoughts have told me to write something about rosemary. An email with questions about wonderful herbaceous rosemary has spurred me on to say — today’s the day. I enjoy watching those TV commercials that say: “We’re egg farmers — we love what we do.” If that’s a signal I also love eating […] Read more

Manage your energy to get more done

Don’t waste emotional energy that will drain your effectiveness to farm

FCC’s Faith Matchett posted a tweet that caught my attention “Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time” from Harvard Business Review (HBR) Oct. 2007 by Tony Schwartz and Catherine McCarthy. Twelve years later the insights are still valuable. As a farm family coach I hear way too many stories of farmers scrapping daily, wasting tons of […] Read more

Pain is not normal – even headache pain

Fit to Farm: There is no need to think that pain of any kind is a routine part of life

So many people experience headaches that we’ve almost come to normalize them, but they are often very relievable. Remember, pain of any kind, even something as normalized as a headache, is not normal, nor is there any need for it to be a routine part of your life! Here are some things to keep in […] Read more

Fish on the flatland

First We Eat: Aquaponics on the Prairies make local sourcing of fish easier

We didn’t eat much fish when I was a kid, just the occasional trout my grandfather reeled in from the North Saskatchewan River, and East Coast cod on Fridays. Not until we arrived on Vancouver Island did I learn to love fish, especially West Coast sockeye salmon, although the act of fishing struck me as […] Read more

Singing Gardener: Get to know the ‘Delta’ Hackberry tree

Plus, a reader shares experiences with using sawdust in the garden

When are those startling and scary news reports about recalled imported fresh food veggies going to end? Maybe never! As I write this column some of the most recent recalls have applied to specific brands of romaine, leafy red and leafy green lettuces and whole heads of cauliflower. Who knows what’s possibly next? My theme […] Read more

Tips when undergoing a farm transition

There are certain dreams and wishes we all have. Health, happiness, wealth. This is no different on the farm. The ideal farm is profitable, productive, and safe. When the time comes to pass down the farm we have worked for our entire lives, there can be feelings of trepidation and angst. Dad is afraid of […] Read more

Reimagining comfort food

First We Eat: After a long, cold winter day relax with a steaming bowl of barley risotto

So there I am one afternoon, lying on the couch and staring out the window. The sky is blue and glazed with ice; drifts of fresh snow lie in shadows across the fields and pastures. Once I get out there on my skis, my blood pounding through my veins and arteries, I’ll enjoy it. It’s […] Read more

Singing Gardener: The art of water dowsing — few can do it, many can’t

Plus, Ted has tomato seeds to give away — enter to win

Call witching what you will as it can be a controversial word. Some folks don’t like the word “witcher” either. Others relegate the practice of witching for water as bunk and trickery. Opting to express it as divining or dowsing is also used. But let me ask whether you’ve ever heard of a “witcher” who searched […] Read more

Photographer focuses on ‘ordinary’ pioneer women

Thelma Pepper wanted to highlight their strength and resourcefulness

Last May, Saskatoon photographer Thelma Pepper was one of six recipients of the Saskatchewan Order of Merit. The award recognizes the achievements and contributions of the province’s outstanding citizens, and at 98, Pepper is the oldest recipient in the award’s history. Pepper’s black and white photographs, taken with a Rolleiflex camera, often feature the ‘ordinary’ […] Read more