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Do you suffer from constant pain?

Pain is the body’s way of saying something is wrong. Don’t just stifle it

A client messaged me today — a local farmer who had started seeing me as a personal trainer. Routinely complaining about his shoulder pain during sessions, I suggested we focus on rehabbing his pain first, but was met with resistance as he had already “tried more than six therapists and nothing had worked.” I left […] Read more

Saying farewell with apple crepes

First We Eat: What better way to pay tribute after hearing my cooking mentor had passed away

I learned recently that my culinary mentor, Madeleine Kamman, died in July 2018. At the time, the event went unnoticed. But when I got word, the news flattened me. Madeleine was the tigress who taught me to trust my palate, who set my benchmarks. She valued methods, flavour principles, terroir — that ineffable link between […] Read more

Dump your grain, not your pain

Stop dumping anger and start creating a healthy legacy

The email subject line read “UNBELIEVABLE” in all caps, and I knew it wasn’t going to be a happy farm transition story. Fourteen bullet points ensued with anger, poor decision-making, people not taking responsibility for their inaction. After ingesting a dump load of angst my reply simply was, “And what do you want me to […] Read more

Singing Gardener: Try this natural treatment for cracked and dry heels

Plus, info on an easy-to-sow and easy-to-grow annual flower

There’s a proverb that says: Bad for the rider — Good for the abider. So what does that mean? Here’s one explanation. The rider is driving a vehicle on a muddy road with ruts and faces uncertainty ahead. The abider is a farmer whose fertile fields are sufficiently moistened and prepared to produce a good […] Read more

Singing Gardener: Fruits of the vine — heirloom tomato and heirloom melon

Don’t forget to enter Ted’s tomato seed draws

If you’ve ever attended live theatre, you may have experienced a curtain raiser. It’s a short, dramatic piece performed before the main play or event of the evening. That’s not to say there’s no such thing as live theatre in the afternoon as there certainly is. Now just imagine yours truly standing at the mike […] Read more

Reclaiming our peasant heritage

First We Eat: Don’t be intimidated by Boeuf Bourguignon — just a fancy name for beef stew

Yesterday I walked home from morning coffee at my neighbour Sharon’s house, my passage closely observed by a leggy Black Angus calf. She bounced up to the barbed wire fence, her head high as she gave my dog and me the once-over. Jake stopped in his tracks, uncertain what this until-now-predictable creature was up to. […] Read more

Letting go of loneliness on the farm

If you are experiencing loneliness here’s some solutions to try

Her sniffles were clear on the phone line as she said, “He used to spend so much time with me on the weekends, but now that we are married he doesn’t even have time to go to church with me on Sunday morning. I am extremely lonely.” Another much older woman touched my arm to […] Read more

Tips for fencing on frozen ground

It may take a little longer, but at least the job gets done

With the 2018 harvest dragging out into late fall and a backlog of fall work to do, we weren’t too excited about trying our fencing project in the winter. We had over three miles of fence that needed to be built before spring. Our biggest concern was that the frost would be too deep and […] Read more

Forget about the ‘Spaghetti Western’ and try this ‘Spaghetti Eastern’ dish

First We Eat: You’ll want to give this ramen noodles in a tasty broth recipe a try

It’s a wintry morning in Calgary, where I am visiting my son and his partner. We are bundled up, standing in line. Even though the chinook is blowing in, the morning is raw, and I am grateful I didn’t make any assumptions and underdress. It’s still deep-freeze Prairie winter. The restaurant’s door opens at 11 […] Read more

Singing Gardener: Taking care of a rosemary plant in low-light time of year

Plus, how to make some liquid calcium from dried eggshells to use on tomato plants

For some time my thoughts have told me to write something about rosemary. An email with questions about wonderful herbaceous rosemary has spurred me on to say — today’s the day. I enjoy watching those TV commercials that say: “We’re egg farmers — we love what we do.” If that’s a signal I also love eating […] Read more