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The mysterious potato

Once thought of as toxic, it's now the most consumed vegetable in North America

One summer day I was picking potato bugs in my little patch of community garden when a young mother came along with a babe in a stroller and another on the way. She asked what I was doing and a conversation ensued: Her: “Where do you get the potatoes?” Me: “I got these potatoes from […] Read more

Successful woman handing out Canadian dollars. Female entrepreneur doing business in Canada. Giving or donating money. Female success in a multicultural society

Ready to share your wealth with employees?

An Employee Share Ownership Plan may be a good option for your farm

If you’ve had a tough year with poor crops and low prices and are feeling financially short, regardless of how it turned out, you’ll likely always need labour support to get the job done. One of the biggest fears of founders that I coach is the fact that they may lose loyal, hard-working employees after […] Read more

My struggles as a farmwife

I wouldn’t change my life for anything but I didn’t truly know what I was getting into

In marriage we leave our parents and become one with our spouse. As women, we more often than not take their last names and join their families — especially so in the farming communities. In my case, I left behind a life in the city of Edmonton that I really loved, a job in the […] Read more

Boys on hay bale

Is the farm a healthier place to grow up on?

Prairie Palate: Get Well Soon Meat Loaf

As we head into the winter cold season, I am feeling quite smug. I rarely get colds. I have no allergies and a stomach as impervious as a cast iron pan. I attribute the healthy state of my immune system to growing up on a farm. Mucking about in the garden, eating bugs and dirt, […] Read more

Well done, medium, rare or… raw?

Prairie Palate: Steak Carpaccio

My friend Joanne said she would not eat raw lamb, and that was fine with me. So while everyone else at the table made adventurous forays to try the lamb, she watched bemused. When they liked it, she looked puzzled. And when the bowl was almost empty, she finally picked up a piece of pita […] Read more

How to find a successor for your farm

If you don’t have anyone interested in taking over the farm 
Succession Matching may be able to help

It often happens at my succession communication seminars that a weary farmer approaches me with a problem. “Elaine, we don’t have a successor for our farm.” The look of worry and wear on their face makes me want to just sit and listen to their story. When I spoke in Biggar, Saskatchewan a few years […] Read more

Breakfast is the best!

Prairie Palate: A morning muesli recipe

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. This may come as a surprise, given my penchant for experimenting in the kitchen. I love a good, multi-course, try-something-new, dirty-all-the-dishes dinner now and then, but the satisfaction of such a herculean effort is elevated by the simple unworried recovery of breakfast. Just one dirty bowl at […] Read more

Reflections on turning 60

I don’t see being in my 60s as retirement but as a reinvention of roles

I hope that your family has taken time to celebrate Thanksgiving, as I know some farmers don’t cook a turkey until the last crop is in the bin. The words to my favourite song of gratitude are: “Give thanks with a grateful heart, give thanks to the Holy One, give thanks because He’s given Jesus […] Read more

Roche Percee Trail Ride

Annual ride highlights diverse southeastern Saskatchewan landscape

The horses are rustling beneath a navy-blue sky as a meteor shower lights up the night. Whinnies echo across the park grounds as campfires are extinguished and the 75 campers retire to their tents and trailers. When the sun rises, so do the cowboys and cowgirls who are up early to feed, water and groom […] Read more

Communicate better with your farm lawyer

Lawyers have lots of experience and wisdom but they can’t read minds

Lawyers are the brunt of many jokes, but if you want to have a great succession outcome you better have a great communication plan with your farm’s lawyer! Ontario lawyer Sarah Jacob shared her experiences at a CAFA (Canadian Association of Farm Advisors) update. Would you like to save time and money in front of your […] Read more