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Who will be at your table this Easter?

Hospitality is a good way to draw people together and build understanding

Watching the snow fly and hearing the wind howl is great motivation to have visions of Easter breads, tulips, lilies and folks gathered to celebrate. I attended a gathering last weekend where we were reminded again about the importance of hospitality to draw folks together and build understanding. A farm transition consultant has the habit […] Read more

Will your family be ‘schpocking’ at Easter?

Prairie Palate: This ancient game of cracking hard-boiled eggs traces back to Russian tradition

In some parts of the world, the new year is celebrated at the spring equinox. This makes perfect sense. At the equinox, the days get longer, the sun gets warmer and things start to grow again. Spring is nature’s new year. OK, OK, it’s still half winter here, but a New Year’s celebration would pick […] Read more

Edible flower gardening

Flowers not only look good in the garden, lots of them make great eating

Some people prefer to grow flowers and some people prefer to grow good things to eat, but me, I like to do both at once. Edible flower gardening. Here are good reasons to eat flowers: Flowers taste good. Think of peppery nasturtiums, tangy tangerine marigolds, sweet red clover and the blossoms of herbs. Flowers are […] Read more

Inspiration from a centenarian — grow gooseberries

Plus, info on blight and Ted shares reader’s opinion on earthworms

Now what’s Ted up to on this occasion you ask? Here’s a clue. Remember that handwritten letter from Alberta I mentioned last column? Read on and learn what the next mini-story is about. Also, more on late blight-resistant tomatoes. I’m including gooseberries for the very first time and my inspiration is a centenarian. Time for […] Read more

Mexican pork carnitas

There’s lots of oranges and limes available now so this is a perfect time to make this

I remember the first time I picked an orange. Not from the produce section. Not from a fruit bowl. Not from the recesses of my Christmas stocking. Picked an orange from a real orange tree. I remembered it today because I just picked an orange and the smell took me back to the first time […] Read more

The mysterious potato

Once thought of as toxic, it's now the most consumed vegetable in North America

One summer day I was picking potato bugs in my little patch of community garden when a young mother came along with a babe in a stroller and another on the way. She asked what I was doing and a conversation ensued: Her: “Where do you get the potatoes?” Me: “I got these potatoes from […] Read more

Successful woman handing out Canadian dollars. Female entrepreneur doing business in Canada. Giving or donating money. Female success in a multicultural society

Ready to share your wealth with employees?

An Employee Share Ownership Plan may be a good option for your farm

If you’ve had a tough year with poor crops and low prices and are feeling financially short, regardless of how it turned out, you’ll likely always need labour support to get the job done. One of the biggest fears of founders that I coach is the fact that they may lose loyal, hard-working employees after […] Read more

My struggles as a farmwife

I wouldn’t change my life for anything but I didn’t truly know what I was getting into

In marriage we leave our parents and become one with our spouse. As women, we more often than not take their last names and join their families — especially so in the farming communities. In my case, I left behind a life in the city of Edmonton that I really loved, a job in the […] Read more

Boys on hay bale

Is the farm a healthier place to grow up on?

Prairie Palate: Get Well Soon Meat Loaf

As we head into the winter cold season, I am feeling quite smug. I rarely get colds. I have no allergies and a stomach as impervious as a cast iron pan. I attribute the healthy state of my immune system to growing up on a farm. Mucking about in the garden, eating bugs and dirt, […] Read more

Well done, medium, rare or… raw?

Prairie Palate: Steak Carpaccio

My friend Joanne said she would not eat raw lamb, and that was fine with me. So while everyone else at the table made adventurous forays to try the lamb, she watched bemused. When they liked it, she looked puzzled. And when the bowl was almost empty, she finally picked up a piece of pita […] Read more