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Combines I have known, Part 3

In the third part of an ongoing series on combines, Les Henry goes for the green paint

This is No. 3 in an occasional series on combines. When completed, the series will span the 63 years that I have spent running combines. Some years just a few hours, but a bit in each of the years. The first piece included a bit about a Case K2 combine. I did not have an […] Read more

Clean Seed adds a planter

Clean Seed and Harvest International join forces

A couple of years ago, Clean Seed Capital finally introduced the CX6 seed drill that the company had let farmers know was coming down the pike. Now with two years of CX6 production under its belt, Clean Seed is expanding its manufacturing footprint. In July the company announced it had acquired U.S.-based Harvest International, a […] Read more

How do you buy half a combine?

Overequipped? Underequipped? How do you make those farm equipment decisions?

How do you know if you are over equipped or under equipped? In other words, do you have the right number of tractors, combines and seeders on your farm? When do you need to buy or change equipment? What if you decide to seed more acres and one combine isn’t quite enough but you don’t need two. What […] Read more

A mix of new and old makes it work

Farm Progress Show: Something old, something new. Farmers use a mix of machinery to make things work

Farming is a mix of tradition and innovation, and the machinery you’ll find on farms reflects that mix. That machinery is also a tangible record of how the machinery industry and farming practices have evolved over the decades. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s an exciting time to be farming,” says Ray Donald. “It’s exciting […] Read more

Deere adds to its 1895 air drill line

A new 60-foot model stretches available working widths

In March, John Deere revealed the newest addition to its model 1895 line of air drills, a 60 foot version, which stretches the maximum available working width considerably. The new flagship model also gets some new technology to help improve seed and fertilizer placement. “This wider no-till air drill is a perfect fit for producers […] Read more

Retrofit kits from Deere

ExactApply upgrades available for 2014 and newer 4 Series sprayers

In 2016 John Deere introduced the ExactApply nozzle control system as a factory option for its 2018 model year sprayers. Now, it’s making them available as retrofit kits, which can be installed on 2014 to 2018 model year 4 Series machines. That, says Deere, will allow owners of those machines to take advantage of the […] Read more

New subcompact tractors from New Holland

Workmaster 25 and 25S join the small tractor line up

New Holland has strengthened its product offerings in the sub-compact tractor segment. In February the brand announced the addition of the Workmaster 25 and smaller 25S models. The 25 gets a three-cylinder 24.7 horsepower diesel engine mated to either a 12 X 12 gear transmission or a three-range hydrostat. It is capable of delivering 7.9 […] Read more

New loaders from the CNH brands

Range of sizes available for both NH and Case IH tractors

New Holland has beefed up its line of front-end loaders this year with the introduction of the LA Series. With 13 different models in all, these loaders are designed to fit all the brand’s tractors in the T5 through T8 Series. Aside from strengthening the overall loader design and including arm profiles up to 80 millimetres in width, the LA models use a more efficient hydraulic system that generates less heat, which includes […] Read more

Choosing a precision agriculture system

Before you cut the cheque, make sure the system you choose is right for your operation

Depending on which grower you ask, a “precision ag system” can mean anything from GPS-guided autosteer to advanced software that helps them manage just about every aspect of their farm. But with so many new technologies, software platforms, upgrades and equipment providers on the market, what basic principles do growers need to keep in mind […] Read more

Planting canola with precision

Researchers working to develop canola agronomy with precision planters

As more and more Western Canadian growers move into soybeans and invest in precision planters, there’s increasing interest in adapting those planters for other crops as well, like canola. Can precision planters be used to grow canola better, and if so, how? Farming Smarter Research Manager Mike Gretzinger set out to answer the agronomic questions […] Read more