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lentils in a bowl

Lentils: the crop year in review

2016 brought a wet season and a damp harvest. Lentil crops didn’t like that

Lentil growers had a hard time pulling off a good crop in 2016. A wet growing season and damp harvest plagued many farmers. “Without a doubt there were some good quality lentils produced in 2016, but the percentage of high quality lentils produced would be much lower than what we typically see in Western Canada,” […] Read more

Leaf diseases to look for in lentil crops

A plant pathologist reveals the main yield-grabbing diseases to watch for in your fields

Rain makes grain, the saying goes. But too much spring rain also means disease, and lentil crops are no exception. Almost all pulse leaf diseases are triggered by rain and moisture in the canopy, said Dr. Sabine Banniza, plant pathologist with the Crop Development Centre. “Many need the rain in order to spread.” So which […] Read more


Consider timing when choosing desiccants for lentils

Depending on what you're trying to achieve, you do have choices

Whether you’re an old hand at growing lentils, or relatively inexperienced, it’s worth brushing up on a few harvest tips before the combines start rolling. Harvest success begins before seeding. It’s best to pick land that’s fairly level and stone-free, says Dale Risula, provincial specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture in Regina. “Rolling your land is a […] Read more

Lentil genome sequenced, but more to do

Lentils have become a staple crop across the Prairies. Watch for new developments

At the University of Saskatchewan (U of S), researchers recently released the first draft version of the lentil genome as a result of a collaborative, international genome sequencing project involving researchers from around the globe. “The lentil genome assembly will provide important information to help us better understand this crop,” said Kirstin Bett, U of […] Read more

Crop Advisor’s Casebook: The case of the bronzing lentils

A Crop Advisor’s Solution from the July 22, 2014 issue of Grainews

Rob, a mixed grain and cattle farmer east of Swift Current, Sask., went on a week-long fishing trip in mid-July. Upon returning to his 3,000-acre farm where he grows canola, lentils, durum and barley, Rob noticed the plants in one of his lentil fields were turning brown and appeared to be dying. He called me […] Read more

root rot in a pea plant

Minimizing the impact of Aphanomyces

There are no in-crop solutions to root rot in peas and lentils. But there are ways to minimize your risk of losing yield to Aphanomyces

Given the wet springs and dry summers we’ve seen in recent years, Aphanomyces euteiches — Aphanomyces root rot — has become a real problem for pea and lentil growers. First confirmed in Saskatchewan in 2012 and then in Alberta in 2013, the disease has been slowly creeping across the country, destroying crops in its wake. Making […] Read more

Lentils with blight can be misdiagnosed

Stemphylium blight is turning up in more and more seed lab tests, but is often misdiagnosed when it’s found out in the field

Stemphylium blight, caused by the fungal pathogen Stemphylium botryosum, is a lentil disease that has only been identified as a problem in recent years. But according to Sabine Banniza, a researcher at the University of Saskatchewan, this may be due to misdiagnosis in the past. “There isn’t really very solid data out there, partly because […] Read more