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Potato partnership brings prosperity

Atlantic Region: Outstanding young farmers work in partnership to grow potatoes on Prince Edward Island

Andrew and Heidi Law-less, the 2014 Outstanding Young Farmer nominees representing the Atlantic Canada region, are both from a P.E.I. farming background. Heidi grew up on a mixed farm (purebred Angus cattle, potatoes and grain). Andrew is the third generation on the Lawless potato farm a stone’s throw from the little town of Kinkora where […] Read more

Minimize potato bruising

Simple adjustments to your harvest equipment helps maintain good quality potatoes

As a potato producer, the first thought on your mind at harvest is probably “Go!” But this year, you might want to modify this idea slightly to “Go gently.” Challenging planting conditions caused above-average levels of seed-piece decay in some growing regions, resulting in uneven plant stands. And that means a challenging harvest, given the […] Read more