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Canada’s OYF: Atlantic nominees

Robert Anderson and Jill Ebbett rely on technology to produce quality seed potatoes

Since taking over the fifth-generation New Brunswick family farm from his parents in 2000, Robert Anderson and his wife, Jill Ebbett, have focused on technological advancements to help them improve the quality of seed potatoes and other crops, increase productivity and improve soil health. These investments have helped them gain recognition as innovators in their […] Read more

Canada’s OYF: Ontario nominees

Brothers Jordan and Alex McKay embrace change and diversification

Diversification has been key to the success of Jordan and Alex McKay’s family farm at Port Perry, Ontario and is a big reason the brothers have been named as Ontario’s 2018 Outstanding Young Farmers (OFY). Willowtree Farm is a third-generation farm that started out as a dairy operation until 1979 when the McKay’s parents grew […] Read more

Zebra chip pathogen found in Alberta

This colour-changing disease is making its way to western Canadian potato fields

Zebra chip” is a fun, jaunty name for a potato disease that has nobody in the industry laughing. The disease, which causes harmless but unsightly stripes in potato chips, costs producers millions of dollars annually in New Zealand and the United States. Now the zebra chip pathogen has been found for the first time in […] Read more

Beetle-resistant potato varieties

Potato growers could soon be growing Colorado potato beetle-resistant plants

New potato varieties that are naturally resistant to Colorado potato beetle could be on the market in five years, according to Helen Tai, a potato breeder at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Potato Research Centre in Fredericton. Tai is the lead on the breeding project, which has been underway for 30 years, she says, since AAFC […] Read more

Canada’s OYF: Nominees from Ontario

Dusty Zamecnik puts heart into diversified berries and beer operation

Getting and keeping Canadian greenhouse operators into the winter strawberry production business is a passion for Ontario farmer Dusty Zamecnik. And he’s not just focused on Canadian berry production — that’s already gaining some ground in Ontario, and B.C. with a small start in Alberta. But, some of the 16 million strawberry plants he produces […] Read more

Canada’s OYF: Quebec nominees

Francois Handfield and Veronique Bouchard embrace organic farming

They were two non-farmers who started out with $500, a wheelbarrow and a dream. Less than 10 years later, Francois Handfield and Veronique Bouchard have a thriving organic market garden, community shared agriculture business supplying produce to about 4,000 people, they employ up to 20 seasonal workers, and gross about $800,000 annually. A lot of […] Read more

Developing the cherry industry in Western Canada

Saskatchewan couple’s venture into growing cherries turns into establishment of on-farm processing plant

When Bruce and Charlene Hill planted 80 sour cherry shrubs on their farmyard near Imperial, Sask. in 2005, they had no idea their venture would result in the establishment of a processing plant on their farm, as well as initiate a nationwide cherry industry. Bruce had been involved in agriculture most of his life but […] Read more

Planting and raising raspberries

Singing Gardener: Plus, sauerkraut from crock to jars and making refreshing rhubarb slush

Planting raspberries — and memories of Prairie songs. Also, yours truly had a chance to talk with gardener Margaret Gluska from Cranberry Portage, Manitoba. She’s seeking seeds for Pilgrim tomato and apparently they’re as hard to get as pulling hens’ teeth. As I get older, thoughts sometimes return to childhood days. A number of Prairie […] Read more

Some info on growing artichokes

Singing Gardener: Plus, Ted shares more feedback from readers

As always, lots to write about in Grainews Singing Gardener page. Am sharing more feedback from readers, so thanks to folks who take time to write. Got some thoughts on the best days to go fishing once the rod and reel season opens in your area. Here where I am we’ve got the Portage Diversion spillway that […] Read more

russet potato in Idaho

GM potatoes are going in the ground

Genetically engineered potatoes could claim acreage in Canada in 2017

In 2016, no acres were seeded to J.R. Simplot’s genetically engineered first-generation Innate potato lines in Canada — but industry experts say 2017 will be a different story. “Other than plot-sized production there was no commercial production in Canada this year because of the timing,” says Kevin MacIsaac, general manager at the United Potato Growers […] Read more