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Young Farmer Carrying a Bale of Hay

Make hay while the sun shines. But do it safely

Summer is a busy time. Kids are home from school, ongoing farmyard and machinery maintenance is underway, and of course one of the season’s most labour-intensive tasks looms — haying. Beating the weather and getting hay down, dried, baled and hauled is a major undertaking and not without its particular set of hazards. Crush injuries, runovers, rollovers, pinch points, transportation hazards, fall hazards, stress and anxiety — you […] Read more

Farming for the insects and birds

Government programs provide funds for Swiss farmers who follow new mowing rules

Schleitheim, Switzerland: All around me farmers are mowing. From June 15th onwards farmers are allowed to cut meadows and hayfields qualifying for Q2 government subsidies. The Q2 (qualitätsstufe 2) program aims to provide and protect healthy habitat for birds and insects. Non-qualifying fields are already being cut the second or even the third time. Obviously […] Read more

Simple tool improves hay moisture test

With a compacted sample and an electronic tester, a more accurate moisture reading can be made in the field

Packaging quality alfalfa hay can be a challenge. The hay industry is constantly pursuing new technologies to help the hay producer grow and package consistently high-quality forage. Machinery design has advanced in order to handle the hay as delicately as possible to minimize leaf loss. But, even with these advances, the proper moisture level is […] Read more

New mower conditioners from MacDon

MacDon's two-model R1 Series pull-types offer a wide range of features for farmers

In August MacDon announced it was introducing a two-model line of pull-type mower conditioners called the R1 Series. The model on display at Manitoba Ag Days in Brandon this past January provided farmers with one of their first opportunities to get a close look at one. The R1s are available in 13- and 16-foot working […] Read more

Kuhn debuts high-speed bale wrapper

The SW 4014 offers non-stop field travel and can wrap square or round bales

Engineers at Kuhn must be busy clearing wall space in their offices to hang all the awards the company’s new SW 4014 bale wrapper has picked up lately. When the company displayed it at Germany’s Agritechnica in November it raked in a Silver Innovation award. Earlier in the year it won an AE50 award here […] Read more

Vermeer hay baler

New balers from Vermeer

Another new product, the "Catapult", pitches material up to 100 feet in a controlled direction

Vermeer has just introduced a new two-model line of balers called the 600N Series. However, both versions, the 604N and 605N, are available in either a standard configuration or as “Cornstalk Specials.” The brand’s official press release announcing their introduction says their designs are based on the previous M Series, but the new models offer […] Read more

hay handler

Hay Handler helps speed dry-down times

Hooked in tandem, the Hay Handler swath consolidation and inverter implement concept on display at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ontario, in September was an eye catcher. Hay Handlers can help forage growers speed dry-down times and blend windrows for faster baling, according to co-inventor Glen Shantz. “This is year six,” he says, about […] Read more

Non-stop round baling

Working in conjunction with partner Lely, Vermeer has built a baler that won’t require stops to eject a full bale

How much time would it save in a day if you didn’t have to stop to eject a full bale when round baling? Engineers at Vermeer think it would save a lot, so they’ve been working on developing a model that will start forming a new bale while simultaneously ejecting a completed one. Working in […] Read more

New Holland farm implement engine bay

New Holland updates the Speedrower for 2015

Uprated Tier 4B engines offer improved fuel economy and more horsepower

In July of 2013 New Holland introduced the Speedrower line of self-propelled windrowers, which offered one of the fastest road travel speeds in the industry, even without reversing the direction of travel for high-speed stability. For the 2015 model year, Speedrowers get a few updates, most notably new Tier 4B engines offering more power. There […] Read more