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Corn, corn, and more corn

There’s a lot of it, but there’s also a plan behind Nebraska crop rotations

If you drive through Nebraska in the summer, expect to see a lot of corn. It towers on both sides of grid roads and secondary highways, hiding deer just as well as forests do in northern Canada. Sometimes drought-tolerant crops such as sorghum fill corners and line borders, as a pollination buffer for seed corn. […] Read more

Corn diseases to watch for this season

Corn growers will need to be on the lookout for goss’s wilt and fusarium stalk rot

With seeding time fast approaching, now is a good time to take note of two corn diseases that could pose challenges to growers in 2018. One disease that has received a lot more attention in recent years is goss’s wilt, a bacterial disease of corn. Damage from sand-blasting, rain, strong winds or hail can cause […] Read more

Growing degree days versus corn heat units

Q & A with CPS

Q: What are growing degree days (GDD) and how do they differ from Corn Heat Units (CHU)? A: Temperature plays a significant role in the development and maturity rate of crops. A good indicator of potential maturity is growing degree days (GDD). Corn heat units (CHU) is a measurement of cumulative heat over the growing […] Read more

Plan ahead to grow silage corn

Planting, chopping and weed control require planning, but can help you turn a profit

Growing silage corn needs some advanced planning and can involve a change of mindset for producers who are used to doing everything themselves. “Corn is different from most silage products that can be made in Western Canada,” says Ray Bittner, livestock specialist with Manitoba Agriculture. “Corn needs to be chopped or combined, but haybines knock […] Read more

Critical weed-free period in corn

Keeping your corn crop weed free through the key stages can lead to higher yields

The critical weed-free period (CWFP) in corn takes place from emergence to V4 stage (six-leaf stage). Although corn is typically seen as a longer-season crop, maintaining a clean, weed-free field during this period is critical. A weed-free field is important during all stages of the CWFP. Corn isn’t a very competitive crop, so during the […] Read more

cornfield at sunset

New corn varieties for 2017

With more than 20 new corn varieties, farmers have some research to do

If you’re farming in a corn-growing area in Western Canada, you’ll have more than 20 new varieties to consider for your 2017 rotations. New genetics bring higher yields and better disease packages, while shorter-season varieties may expand the corn-growing regions to new areas. BrettYoung BrettYoung E50P52 R: E50P52 R is a new VT Double PRO […] Read more

corn silage chopping

Right and wrong fermentation

Dairy Corner: If silage moisture is too high going in, it can affect feed quality and palatability

This autumn, I have seen a variety of corn fields being chopped into silage for dairy cattle. While some of this corn was dried enough to make some good quality corn silage, I was surprised when I saw some producers literarily harvested green chop. After all, they were faced with another rain shower, which forced […] Read more

Grain Handling: A better way to move that corn

A pneumatic grain-handling system adds efficiency to grain handling on the family farm

The Neufelds have been growing corn on the family farm, Maple Creek Acres, since the 1990s, but when they decided to significantly expand their corn acres a few years ago they had a few issues to resolve in terms of corn drying and storing. “We were spending a bunch a time in the morning and […] Read more


What to watch for in young corn

A strong start to your corn crop will ensure you a rewarding harvest

The first step in guaranteeing a profitable harvest is ensuring corn plants are thriving in the early stages of growth. At the planting to seedling stage, corn is most susceptible to seed and root rot diseases. Disease such as seedling blight, and root rots caused by pythium, fusarium or rhizoctonia could affect seedlings, particularly in […] Read more

Getting ready for corn planting

Check these four key planter parts before seeding to help ensure a successful season

Make corn planting less stressful by doing as much preparation as possible ahead of time. This includes ensuring all equipment is in proper working order to prevent any problems. There are four main components in any corn planter that should be examined before planting. 1. Seed transmission system Sprockets and chains should be in good […] Read more