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Winter wheat seed: treatment pays

A dual fungicide/insecticide seed treatment builds hardier winter wheat stands

Despite the benefits of winter wheat — weed competitiveness, high yield potential and a schedule that allows growers to spread out work load and capital costs — it’s still not a staple crop for many western Canadian farmers. Farmers say concerns about planting logistics and poor stand establishment are obstacles to growing winter wheat. To […] Read more

winter wheat emerging

Don’t reseed winter wheat too soon

One agronomist recommends getting halfway through seeding before you decide

In parts of the Prairies, thin to nonexistent snow cover in parts through much of the early spring months might have some farmers worried about their winter wheat. But agronomists say it’s too soon to make the decision to reseed. “You can go out and do a spring assessment at the end of April if […] Read more

Profiting from winter wheat

When Greg Stamp looks at the numbers on his farm, winter wheat pencils in well

With price spreads between feed wheat and milling winter wheat compared to HRSW very narrow this fall, it looks very attractive to grow a winter crop on either irrigation or dry land. Irrigated and dry land winter wheat can yield 20 to 30 per cent more than HRSW. And, if you’re selling into the feed […] Read more

Strategies for winter wheat success

With higher yields, winter wheat can be an economical addition to crop rotations

I am a big fan of winter wheat. Its yield potential can be 15 to 40 per cent higher than spring wheat depending on environmental conditions. This can make winter wheat very economical in a rotation. Growing winter wheat is fairly straightforward. However, success depends on a number of specific management practices. 1. When to plant […] Read more

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Stripe rust alert in Alberta

Disease found in Oregon three weeks earlier than ever recorded

Alberta Agriculture plant pathologist Mike Harding has issued a bulletin noting that stripe rust alerts have been issued for Oregon and Montana. A Jan. 19 Capital Press story says stripe rust has been discovered in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Oregon State University plant pathologist Chris Mundt and three extension researchers issued an alert Jan. 19 informing […] Read more

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Don’t rush to diagnose winter kill

Despite this winter’s weather, you may not need to reseed that winter wheat after all

Winter wheat growers concerned about winter kill should wait and see how the plants fare this spring before reseeding, says an agrologist. “Don’t make a rash decision especially when you’ve got the rest of your farm to go seed,” says Paul Thoroughgood, who works for Ducks Unlimited and farms south of Moose Jaw. Farmers should give […] Read more

testing gluten strength

VIDEO: The gluten story

If you’ve ever chewed a few kernels of wheat to make ‘gum,’ you’ve done a gluten test. Domestic and overseas wheat millers do a somewhat more sophisticated gluten test to determine how flour milled from different wheats will perform in a bakery. The gluten strength of different varieties has been in the news lately, and […] Read more

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Getting herbicides on your winter wheat

Everyone wants to get their winter wheat sprayed early in the spring. Find out how soon you can get started

There are many reasons to grow winter wheat. But one mark against this crop is its vulnerability to weeds. Winter wheat growers want to get in a herbicide application as early as they can during the growing season. This can be a problem. Ontario farmers have observed that applying too early can injure the growing […] Read more