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Two new oat varieties from Oat Advantage

These two oats varieties are Ore: they’re re-designed and re-imagined

It’s taken 10 years, and a lot of hard work and persistence for Saskatchewan oat breeder Jim Dyck of Oat Advantage, to launch his two, new oat varieties that are getting oat growers and miller excited. The two varieties — named ORe 3541M and ORe 3542M — will be available through SeCan. They’re are both […] Read more

Five keys to successful oat production

Here’s the lowdown on five of the key factors behind growing a winning oat crop this year

Oats is a small-acre crop that has tended to fall behind in terms of agronomy research. That’s changing as more oat varieties become available and new niche markets continue to develop and offer premiums to growers meeting their specifications. For anyone trying oats for the first time, or considering adding oats to their rotation, Grainews […] Read more

New oat varieties on the horizon

New oat varieties focus on yield, milling quality and oat disease resistance

Since 2011 there has been an increase in the frequency of registration of new oat varieties, says Dr. Aaron Beattie, professor and oat breeder at the University of Saskatchewan’s Crop Development Centre (CDC). Breeding programs continue to focus on increasing yields and improving disease resistance. They’re also trying to address the needs of millers who […] Read more

Oat acreage forecast up

Price and disease a big factor in pushing oat acres across the Prairies

Around 2.9 million acres of oats were planted across Canada in 2015 according to Statistics Canada, and although acres have been dropping over the past few years, oat production will likely be up by more than 10 per cent this spring to around 3.3 million tonnes. Last year, the majority of those acres were planted […] Read more


The story of oat breeding and research

Breeders and researchers are expanding our knowledge of oat varieties and agronomy

Oats is a small acreage crop, so many companies aren’t interested in providing significant funding for research,” says Shawna Mathieson, executive director of the Prairie Oat Growers Association (POGA). “Most Canadian oat projects receive funding through our organization or through provincial and federal government funding that we apply for.” (POGA receives funding from the Alberta, […] Read more