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Crop advisor casebook: Why is this barley crop patchy in rectangular blocks?

A Crop Advisor's Solution from the February 5, 2019 issue of Grainews

Jim, a Saskatchewan farmer, was unhappy with the establishment of his barley crop — he had expected a more uniform stand. When he contacted me the first week of June last year, Jim said plant populations in some areas of the field were thin, while others were thick and lush. The plants, which were at […] Read more

Decisive Farming offers data incentive

Alberta-based company recognizes malt barley production data has value

If you’re OK with sharing your data for research purposes, Decisive Farming is looking for malt barley growers across Western Canada interested in growing this year’s crop with variable rate technology. The Alberta-based company, providing a wide range of agronomic and farm management services, is actually offering a first-of-a-kind program to pay producers $4 per […] Read more

“Incredible” new barley variety

This new higher-yielding, six-row barley variety is on the road to certification

A new six-row hulled spring feed and forage barley variety should soon be in farmers’ fields. SR14501 — which will gain a trade name prior to commercialization — was developed by Alberta’s Field Crop Development Centre in response to producers’ requests for a barley with good lodging resistance, says barley breeder Joseph Nyachiro. “It is […] Read more

Crop Advisor’s Casebook: Barley blues. Why aren’t these plants growing faster?

A Crop Advisor's Solution from the January 9, 2018 issue of Grainews

Thomas, who owns a 3,000-acre mixed dryland and irrigation farm near Magrath, Alta., asked me to visit his operation in early June. He wanted help identifying the weeds in three barley fields as well as advice on a herbicide package that would best fit his farm. He also mentioned the plants in one of the […] Read more

Crafting a brand new industry

What the rise of craft beer in Saskatchewan means for Prairie barley growers

People in Saskatchewan are thirsty for a new kind of beer. Saskatchewan’s craft beer sector has been growing steadily in recent years and one brewer says the future continues to looks bright. “We just view it as nothing but untapped potential, especially for Saskatchewan,” says Mark Heise, president and CEO of Regina’s Rebellion Brewery, one […] Read more

Crop Advisor’s Casebook: A big barley bother

A Crop Advisor's Solution from the April 25, 2017 issue of Grainews

While assessing his crop for damage after a storm last year, Ian, a Manitoba producer, noticed some barley plants had white heads. Also, the kernels of the affected plants didn’t fill. Ian, who farms 1,500 acres of wheat, barley and canola near Oak Lake, Man., wasn’t sure if the storm had damaged the barley plants, […] Read more

Tips for hitting malt barley grade

It’s pretty hard to argue with the experience of growers as well as researchers

Tom Hewson admits while there is always room for improving agronomic practices, his track record for producing malt barley has been quite respectable. Hewson, who farms with family members at Langbank, in southeast Saskatchewan, says he has grown malting barley for many years. “I estimate on average about two-thirds of the years, about two-thirds of […] Read more

Contracts a good idea with malt barley

Any farmers planning to grow barley for malting purposes, should try and line up contracts before they seed and know the barley specifications malting companies are looking for, says a grain procurement specialist. For most malting programs a high yielding, high quality barley with plump kernels, 13 per cent seed moisture, with a 95 per […] Read more

Growing 180 bushels of barley

Barley 180 wants to know what it will take to top up Alberta barley yields

A trip to New Zealand inspired a quest in Alberta for higher barley yields. New Zealand farmers can produce barley crops topping 200 bushels per acre. Granted, New Zealand has some climatic advantages over Western Canada. But Steve Larocque, owner of Beyond Agronomy, saw no reason that Alberta barley growers couldn’t aim higher. Together with […] Read more

Recommended barley varieties for 2017

The Canadian Malt Barley Technical Centre has released its annual list of recommended barley seed varieties for the 2017 planting season. There are several two-row varieties on the CMBTC’s list (see table below), but only three recommended varieties of six-row barley. FP Genetics distributes pedigreed seed for two of these varieties, Legacy and Tradition. Canterra […] Read more