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The brave new world of Prairie wheat

A look at the research funding and marketing development behind this rotation staple

Wheat is a staple crop in most Prairie farmers’ rotations, and it’s not likely to be displaced any time soon. It’s still one of Canada’s most important crops, and contributes more than $11 billion to the Canadian economy every year. Although wheat prices may not always get farmers excited, the potential for the crop does, […] Read more

Wheat research on the Prairies

A roundup of wheat research that will bring new varieties suited for the Canadian Prairies

According to Genome Canada’s website, wheat accounts for 20 per cent of all calories consumed throughout the world, and as global population grows, wheat productivity needs to increase by 1.6 per cent each year. At the same time, climate change is causing temperature and precipitation changes that challenge established patterns. So there is also a need to […] Read more

Wheat research in the pipeline

Not happy with wheat in your rotation? One of these projects will brighten your future

Following is a roundup of some of the major wheat research and breeding projects across Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan that address priority areas such as increasing yield, improving disease and pest resistance, agronomics and tolerance to drought and excess moisture, as well as end-use qualities. Better wheat under stress Two projects are looking at improving […] Read more

Genes can control pre-harvest sprouting

Manitoba researchers are using new technology to solve an old problem

Pre-harvest sprouting of cereal seeds in the field is directly linked to the seed’s dormancy level. Plants produce different compounds that regulate physiological processes, including seed germination and dormancy. When seeds are dormant, even if they have adequate moisture, heat and oxygen, they simply won’t germinate. One of the factors which prevents seeds from germinating […] Read more

Is the winter wheat going to be alright?

Patience is key to judging the health of your winter wheat stand this spring

If you’re wondering how your winter wheat crop is faring in the field this winter, you’re not alone. Agronomists at The Western Winter Wheat Initiative (WWWI) — a project to build awareness and credibility of winter wheat — has already received calls from growers asking about how and when to judge the stand. Paul Thoroughgood, […] Read more

Grain cars moving, but not fast enough for some farmers

Poor weather slows loading on the West Coast

With spring around the corner, some farmers are worried they won’t get grain delivered before road bans and field work begins. Brian Stratuliak is a grain and cattle producer in the Dawson Creek, B.C., area. He had planned to deliver 300 tonnes of feed wheat this winter, but has only been able to deliver 120 […] Read more

Crop Advisor’s Casebook: The mystery of sickly durum wheat

A Crop Advisor's Solution from the March 10, 2015 issue of Grainews

In late July, I got an anxious phone call from Terry, who grows 3,500 acres of durum wheat, canola, flax and peas at his farm about 100 kilometres south of Regina, Sask. Terry was worried about the sorry state of his durum crop — the plants were looking extremely unhealthy and he feared nothing could […] Read more

Wireworm: hard to control and on the rise

Without Lindane, there’s very little that cereal growers can do to control this pest

Wireworms ruin many cereal crops, and they’ve been on the rise since the federal government banned lindane for use as a pesticide in 2004. Lindane killed the bugs outright says Dr. Bob Vernon, a research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), and since its banning “there is really nothing that will kill them.” “Wireworms […] Read more

red spring wheat

Interest in falling numbers on the rise

Wheat buyers want the numbers; the AWC wants falling numbers in grading systems

With apologies to accountants and statisticians, numbers don’t always tell the story. Falling numbers, however, are growing in popularity with farmers around the globe. In an industry where success is equal parts calculation and perspiration, more and more producers are counting on falling numbers to help drive their success. “Falling number is a widely used […] Read more