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VIDEO: Separating the good grains from the bad

Ag in Motion 2018: GCS Grain Cleaner removes fusarium-infected grains from your crop

Using a high speed fan that separates premium from lesser quality grains, the GCS Grain Cleaner on display at Ag in Motion 2018 is designed to remove diseased grains – such as fusarium – making it easier for producers to market their crop. The GCS line offers six models ranging in capacity from 200 bushels […] Read more

Don’t blame ergot on the weather

Copper deficiency leads to the development of many diseases in cereal crops

If you’re a pedigreed seed grower and you’ve discovered that one of your seed fields, either wheat or barley, is infested with ergot, you have a problem but it’s not what most, if not all of you think. Don’t blame it on a common diagnosis of cold, wet growing conditions. It’s more likely caused by […] Read more

Have you seen this bug?

The invasive cereal leaf beetle is heading our way. Look for damage in your wheat crop

There’s a new pest headed our way. James Tansey, provincial pest management specialist with Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Agriculture gave the audience the bad news at SaskWheat’s semi-annual meeting at the Farm Progress Show on June 20. The cereal leaf beetle is an invasive pest, common in the U.S. It has been spotted on the Prairies […] Read more

Crop advisor casebook: What’s causing these wheat heads to curl?

A Crop Advisor's Solution from the July 17, 2018 issue of Grainews

John, who owns a mixed grain farm near Lacombe, Alta., called me last July after he discovered curled and deformed wheat heads in his crop. He said the affected plants were scattered throughout the field, and approximately 10 per cent of the crop was affected. At the field, examination of the plants revealed healthy and […] Read more

Cereals clean up before a pulse crop

Planting a cereal crop can help set up your next pulse crop for success

Cereals are more than just a rotational crop between your canola and lentils; they can play a key role in setting up next year’s pulse crop for success by helping clean up your fields of weeds and soil-borne disease. When you look at weed control and resistance management, cereal crops offer the broadest range of […] Read more

Finding a use for wheat with fusarium

North West Bio-Energy has been turning wheat into ethanol since 2009

Got fusarium? Chances are North West Terminal in Unity, Sask., can use that wheat. Next door to the terminal is a bioproducts plant, which is run by North West Terminal’s sister company, North West Bio-Energy. Since 2009, North West Bio-Energy has been producing ethanol. Today it also produces industrial-grade alcohol. The distillation process can handle […] Read more

What grain customers want to know about Canadian wheat

From gluten to glyphosate: what end users want to know about our wheat

Customers in far-flung places such as Japan may seem far removed from a western Canadian farm. But those customers are keenly interested in how Canadian wheat and durum is grown and handled before it arrives at their mills, bakeries, or other processing facilities. In fact, Japanese bakers are quite aware of different Canadian wheat varieties, […] Read more

red spring wheat

Niche market wheats are coming soon

Reduced-gluten wheat just the first of several geared to consumer tastes

While your everyday, even high quality, hard red spring wheat isn’t doing so well in the marketplace right now, a biotech company in Davis, California, is launching a new reduced-gluten HRSW. Arcadia Biosciences also has other wheats with distinctive health-benefit traits in its pipeline. Arcadia is hopeful that introducing these non-GMO traits into wheat will […] Read more

Quinoa a profitable rotation crop

This Manitoba farmer says quinoa has been an agronomic bonus for his farm

Quinoa is no longer just for health nuts. Most Canadian consumers are familiar with the ancient grain, and it’s increasingly used as a value-added ingredient in boxed cereals and baked goods due to its high protein and fibre content. And though its low acreage still puts it in the “niche” category of production in western […] Read more

Crop advisor casebook: What’s taking a bite out of this producer’s wheat crop?

A Crop Advisor's Solution from the April 24, 2018 issue of Grainews

While scouting his wheat crop at the end of May last year, Alex noticed some seedling leaf tips were notched. Also, the leaves had holes, giving them a shredded appearance. Alex farms 3,000 acres of barley, wheat, canola and peas near Manning, Alta. Alex thought the damage he found in his wheat crop was caused […] Read more