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Soil testing pastures and hayfields

Q & A with Nutrien Ag Solutions

Q. Why should I soil test my pastures and hayfields? A. Soil testing pastures and hayfields should be routine. Often these fields get an initial fertilization and then, after a few years of establishment, growers ask what could be missing to maximize output. Forages are big users of nutrients. In hay crops much of the nutrients taken up are removed from the field when the […] Read more

Canola harvest and grain storage

Q & A with Nutrien Ag Solutions

Q. What factors should I consider when swathing canola with lower plant populations? A. Limited spring moisture combined with insect pressure has led to canola crops with uneven emergence and multiple growth stages. Determining when to swath these crops to maintain maximum economic return can be stressful and confusing. Generally, to maximize both yield and quality, swathing should occur when 60 per […] Read more

What would you pay to fall in love?

A new face at this year’s Farm Progress Show was getting a lot of attention. Leanne Tregobov was there representing her matchmaking company, Camelot Introductions. With the decline of the Western Producer personal ads, many rural singles looking for dates have turned to the internet. Most online dating is free, and lots of farmers have […] Read more

Young Farmer Carrying a Bale of Hay

Make hay while the sun shines. But do it safely

Summer is a busy time. Kids are home from school, ongoing farmyard and machinery maintenance is underway, and of course one of the season’s most labour-intensive tasks looms — haying. Beating the weather and getting hay down, dried, baled and hauled is a major undertaking and not without its particular set of hazards. Crush injuries, runovers, rollovers, pinch points, transportation hazards, fall hazards, stress and anxiety — you […] Read more

Editor’s Column: The farm income news is not good news

What exactly is “realized net farm income”?

The news app on my phone keeps bringing up more worrying headlines about agricultural trade problems that will lead to lower farm prices. Twitter is full of grim photos of durum headed out before its time and canola crops with bare patches. I won’t write here that, as of the end of June, crops in […] Read more

Choose proper footwear for a safe farm

CSA-approved footwear should be mandatory on every farm when it comes to safe work procedures

On the farm, many everyday tasks could result in injuries to feet or ankles if the proper footwear is not used. Footwear is a key aspect of injury prevention, which is why it’s important to wear the right type to ensure your safety. Make sure you’re using footwear that meets specific safety standards by always […] Read more

Post-harvest weed control applications

Q & A with Nutrien Ag Solutions

Q. What weeds should I target in post-harvest weed control applications? A. Two general weed groupings can be effectively controlled with a post-harvest herbicide application. Perennials: Controlling perennial weeds such as Canada thistle, dandelions, foxtail barley and quackgrass involves an integrated plan, and a post-harvest herbicide application that includes glyphosate is a pivotal part of […] Read more

Build safety for your on-farm visitors

On farms across the country, there’s no shortage of visitors coming and going throughout the year. Visiting a farm isn’t without risk. Any time people are in a situation where they could be in contact with animals, farm equipment, or other hazards like water, there is potential for injury. While many farm operations are accustomed […] Read more