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Maintain augers and create work zones to prevent entanglements

An auger in good condition is critical when it comes time to move grains and feed around the farm. Augers can also be some of the most hazardous machines on the farm, especially if they haven’t been properly maintained. Although Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting statistics have identified runovers as the top cause of agriculture-related fatalities, […] Read more

Plan in advance to harvest good trial data

Agronomy tips... from the field

When a rep approaches you to be involved in a company trial, it’s typically because they see you as having good practices that will help provide strong trial data at the end of the season. Company trials can be a great opportunity for you to “test drive” pre-commercial varieties or products, and get a clean […] Read more

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Commit to your farm during this Ag Safety Week

Canadian Agricultural Safety Week runs March 12 - 18

This March, the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association, with the Canadian Federation of Agriculture is celebrating Canadian Agricultural Safety Week (CASW). This is the second year of the “Be an AgSafe Family” theme. In 2017, CASW is “Appealing to Adults.” What does that mean? Appealing to Adults? Well, statistics tell us that each year approximately 85 […] Read more

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How do you set a good seeding rate?

Have a targeted plant population in mind for this season? Remember that several post-seeding stresses, including cool temperatures (frost), weeds, moisture and insects, might keep your plant stand from fully establishing. And while some of these issues, like weather, may be beyond your control, insect and disease pressure can be managed with the right seed […] Read more

New wheat varieties fight fusarium

Agronomy tips... from the field

Looking at new wheat varieties for 2017? Yield, standability, as well as protein and maturity will still be top of mind. And for many, fusarium tolerance will also be high on the list. Fusarium is now established across Western Canada, and in years when environmental conditions favour the disease, it can have devastating impacts on […] Read more