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Pre- and post-harvest weed control

Q & A with CPS

Q: When should I start weed control for my crop? A: A weed-free crop at harvest represents the cumulative effort of field management during the season. To manage many weed species, the season begins the previous fall. Pre-harvest weed control tends to focus glyphosate application on perennial weeds such as quackgrass or Canada thistle. At […] Read more

Insect economic thresholds: what do they mean?

Q & A with CPS

Q: What do insect economic thresholds mean? A: Insects can eat into your profits. They can appear at any time during the growing season and can cause damage that is patchy, scattered and difficult to gauge. Accurate estimation of both pest population and potential crop damage levels can only be obtained by thorough field scouting. […] Read more

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A late spring doesn’t mean forgetting about on-farm farm safety

It has been a long winter by all accounts. Farmers across the Prairies are anxious to get the seed in the ground. According to the Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting data, agriculture-related fatalities happen most often from May to October. Of course, this makes sense, as this is when the majority of farming occurs; however, understanding […] Read more

Safety champion retired from farming, not farm safety

Even after he retired from farming, Albert Martin never retired from being a farm safety champion. For more than 40 years, Martin has been involved with the Waterloo Home and Farm Safety Association and he currently serves as the association’s current President. For many years, together with his wife Ruby, Martin managed an apple orchard […] Read more

Managing aphanomyces root rot in your fields

Q & A with CPS

Q: What is aphanomyces and how should I manage this disease? A: Aphanomyces is a relatively new root rot disease in pea and lentil crops that is quickly expanding across the Prairies. Aphanomyces root rot is caused by aphanomyces euteiches, a soil-borne plant pathogen. The symptoms of aphanomyces root rot are yellowing and stunting of […] Read more

Choosing that pre-seed herbicide

Q & A with CPS

Q: What are some considerations when selecting a pre-seed herbicide application? A: There are significant benefits to applying herbicides prior to seeding or crop emergence. Pre-seed weed removal reduces competition for valuable moisture and nutrients required for seedling development. When selecting pre-seed herbicides, begin with the crop to be grown. Products available vary considerably by […] Read more