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Three things essential to farm safety

In safety terms, competency is a combination of training, knowledge, and experience. In industries like construction, developing competency is fairly straightforward — an employer provides structured training, makes sure their employees pass tests and keep records of experience using resumés. On the farm, competency is just as important. A person is competent if they possess […] Read more

Getting ready for next year’s crop

Q & A with Nutrien Ag Solutions

Q. As the 2019 growing season wraps up, what should I do to plan for 2020? A. As the current season ends, growers have an excellent opportunity to carry lessons learned into next year. Now is a good time to take stock of observations made from the swather or combine cab. Lodging may be an […] Read more

Testing seed for pathogens for next year’s crop

Q & A with Nutrien Ag Solutions

Q. When seed testing, what pathogens should we test for? A. In an era of high input costs, unpredictable weather conditions and volatile grain markets, farmers face many challenges even before they get the crop in the ground. Getting seed tested is an easy and inexpensive way to help ensure a healthy crop stand. While […] Read more

Soil testing pastures and hayfields

Q & A with Nutrien Ag Solutions

Q. Why should I soil test my pastures and hayfields? A. Soil testing pastures and hayfields should be routine. Often these fields get an initial fertilization and then, after a few years of establishment, growers ask what could be missing to maximize output. Forages are big users of nutrients. In hay crops much of the nutrients taken up are removed from the field when the […] Read more

Canola harvest and grain storage

Q & A with Nutrien Ag Solutions

Q. What factors should I consider when swathing canola with lower plant populations? A. Limited spring moisture combined with insect pressure has led to canola crops with uneven emergence and multiple growth stages. Determining when to swath these crops to maintain maximum economic return can be stressful and confusing. Generally, to maximize both yield and quality, swathing should occur when 60 per […] Read more