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Safe rates for seed-placed fertilizer

Q: How do I determine the safe rate of seed-placed fertilizer for canola, wheat and barley? A: If you’ve bought a new drill, changed openers or changed your fertilizer blends, these changes may have implications on seed safety. Many new drills have moved to wider row spacing and narrower openers. Take the time to investigate […] Read more

Get your crayons ready, it’s contest time!

Jason Sylvestre, co-author of the great “You Might Be From The Prairies If…” cartoons that we usually run on Page 4 of Grainews, has published a colouring book of hand-drawn Saskatchewan pictures. Jason’s book is called Colour Saskatchewan. You can buy it from your favourite on-line retailer for under $17. Or, you can win a […] Read more

Pulse and special crop production

Q & A with Crop Production Services

Q: What should I consider when planting my soybean crop? A: There are several important factors to keep in mind when growing soybeans. Consider your climatic conditions including heat units and moisture. Soybeans require a full season of cumulative heat to mature adequately. Varieties with maturities ranging from 2350 to 2500 Heat Units are well […] Read more

Get the best yield response

Q & A with CPS

Q: Which crop nutrients applied generally provide the most yield response in any given year? What considerations should be made? A: Crop yield response to nutrients depends on many factors. While the most important factor is moisture availability, other factors like crop selection, soil type, organic matter, residual soil fertility, previous crop, tillage, type of […] Read more

Safely transport oversize loads

Farm safety: Tips to get your equipment to the field and back again

With larger farm equipment comes larger transportation challenges. Equipment wider than highway lanes poses a hazard to not only the equipment operator, but also to other motor vehicle operators. Tall equipment can come into contact with low-hanging wires, bridges and other vital pieces of infrastructure. Collisions with other vehicles is a major concern while transporting […] Read more