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I’m not quite ready for blockchain deals

On-line banking is pretty digital — money comes in, money goes out, I never see it

The next time I am buying an oil refinery in Saudi Arabia or even just dabbling in selling a half million tonnes of wheat to China I am definitely doing it through a blockchain. I’m not trusting the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce with this level of business. Why blockchain, you ask? Well for us […] Read more

Travel the world for a great cheese

In search of a great Gouda or a robust Raclette?

If you have trouble reaching me in mid-October I will probably be at the World Cheese Awards competition in Bergamo, the Lombardy Region of Italy. I like cheese, so I thought I would head to the World Cheese Awards. It is a big deal. I buy orange cheddar cheese from my local grocery store, but […] Read more

Shopping gets just a little too easy

I am still a novice at on-line shopping, but I need to pace myself

I am not sure what experiences are like in the rural world, but I am finding this on-line shopping idea very handy (not sure if that is a good or bad thing.) I know is not necessarily a brand new idea, but being a late bloomer in many aspects of technology, it has only been […] Read more

New caretakers at Kootenay River Ranch

Another family takes a turn at making a home and memories

We’re barely into January and already there is change. “The Farm” is gone. It wasn’t my farm, but it was a chunk of pasture and hayland in south eastern B.C. that has been a big part of my life for the past 40 some years. Let’s face it, it was just dirt and grass but […] Read more

I’m confused about carbon credits

There’s always a lot of talk around GHG, but the action isn’t obvious

I don’t know about anyone else but I have great confusion over anything to do with carbon credits and national/international Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction programs. Is there anything real here? Is there anything really happening? I must admit anytime I see something related to carbon credits on an ag conference agenda immediately my head goes […] Read more

Handful of arable soil in hands of responsible farmer, close up, selective focus

Scientists say it’s all about the soil

Farmers and ranchers need to keep society connected to the land

So a soil scientist steps up to a conference microphone about to deliver a one-hour talk and my first thought — “is 8:30 in the morning too early for a nap?” But not so. What a great talk given by Henry Janzen, a long-time researcher at the Agriculture Canada Lethbridge Research Centre to open the annual […] Read more

Let me save Christmas for you

Lee Hart offers up some early Christmas shopping suggestions to suit everyone

Do you have your Christmas shopping done yet? Come on people there are only 49 days left and for people of a certain age you know how fast days fly by. And have I got a couple good gift ideas for you. I’m not usually an early Christmas shopper, but it was a “gift” I […] Read more


The USMCA is stupid

Only four words on this trade deal: bad, bad, bad and very bad

I hate to say that anything that comes out of Donald Trump’s U.S. government is a good thing, so I will wait for more feedback before I decide if the new NAFTA agreement — now known as the new USMCA (U.S., Mexico, Canada-Agreement) is a really good thing or not. Maybe since my facts are […] Read more

Well here is a game changing concept

Profitable crop production with little or no added inputs. Is someone talking nonsense?

Talk about an interesting contrast in messages! In one week during my summer travels I attended a first-in-Canada Soil Health School in Manning (Alberta Peace River region) and a few days later I was eating dust at a tillage demonstration at the Ag In Motion farm show at Langham, Sask. My old brain had to […] Read more

You never know who’s out there

From a small town in the Basque country to the passenger seat of Lee Hart’s car

I don’t usually pick up hitchhikers. Partly because I really don’t see that many on the roads I travel, and largely because I usually have so much stuff — snacks, drinks, assorted wrappers, garbage, camera bag, briefcase — piled on my passenger seat that it becomes a major project to make room for someone. But I recently made an […] Read more