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Food guide isn’t keen on red meat

Hart Attacks: The problem isn’t that I don’t know about good food... the problem is me

Boy, I can’t wait for the revised version of the Canada Food Guide to hit the store shelves so I can start eating properly. Health Canada is proposing changes to the food guide steering people away from red meat and more towards “alternative” proteins such as plant-based proteins — your peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas, or […] Read more

What a difference 100 years can make

Hart Attacks: The crop yields achieved by today’s famers would be a shock for our forefathers

As a new growing season begins, I am always impressed with the progress farmers have made in pushing the limits on crop production — striving to be more efficient, using improved agronomic practices and technology to increase yields and hopefully outsmart Mother Nature. I worked on a story earlier this year that described some global […] Read more

Raw chicken breasts on cutting board

On the upside, no plucking necessary

Hart Attacks: Get ready for designer chicken, and cultured steaks. Meat technology has arrived

I knew when Case IH rolled out that robotic tractor that didn’t need a driver, it was only a matter of time before technology produced meat without an animal. And here we have it — Memphis Meats, a food science company with headquarters in Transylvania has just launched “the world’s first Clean Poultry”… that’s chicken […] Read more

The wacky world of decision-making

Hart Attacks: When there is too much information, there must be an app for that

Here’s one “flypaper” email list you want to avoid — the Conservative Party of Canada. I made the mistake back in Stephen Harper’s days as prime minister — it might have even been during his first term — but I sent a donation to the Conservative Party. The pitch was if I sent even a […] Read more

How good or bad is that unharvested crop?

Hart Attacks: Farmers and processors won’t really know until quality is tested

I am sensing a muffled drum roll in parts of Western Canada right now as a few thousand farmers across central and northern B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan are waiting to see what this unharvested crop looks like, when they do have a chance to get it combined. There were several thousand acres — about 10 […] Read more

Just for the record, I do have three readers

Hart Attacks: And if you need a climate change speaker call Bruno for a good time

My walk down memory lane through the pages of a 1938 Country Guide magazine (in the Feb. 7, 2017 issue of Grainews), and my deep analysis of the climate change/global warming issue (Jan. 24 issue of Grainews), drew some feedback from several readers. I figured this update would show just how this column can change […] Read more

Mallards next on the U.S. no-fly list

Hart Attacks: We Canadians cannot control our ducks, and what they carry with them

With a Twitter-happy president south of the border, I predict it is just a matter of time before Canada — and migrating Canadian ducks specifically — receives nasty tweets for pooping out weed seeds on U.S. farms. That would almost be a joke except that President Trump appears to be such an unpredictable character, with […] Read more

Human-pig chimeras! Who knew?

There’s never a dull moment around the old biotech R & D table

Ever since I met my first computer in about 1980, I’ve had this sinking feeling that science and technology is slipping away from me. There I was as a new kid in the Lethbridge Herald newsroom. I had used a typewriter all during my early career, and here I was sitting in front of a […] Read more

In praise of old tractors and horses

Hart Attacks: It’s been a long journey from horses to tractors to aerial drone technology

I was just catching up on my reading, going through the January 1938 issue of Country Guide magazine and I’m sorry I missed out on a contest to win a brand new Massey Harris tractor in a contest sponsored by Gillett’s Lye. All you had to do is to get every family member, friend, neighbour […] Read more

The federal carbon tax is already working!

Hart Attacks: It's a miracle. I haven't been feeling any global warming on the Prairies this January

I don’t know what the country is whining about. Alberta’s Climate Change Leadership program (I love that label), also known as a carbon tax, IS WORKING! As I pointed out to my inner circle in an earlier Facebook post, January 2017 is already much colder than it was in late December 2016, so just having […] Read more