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volunteer canola

Tips for wild oat and volunteer canola control

Agronomy tips... from the field

Wild oats and volunteer canola are two prevalent weeds that need to be controlled each year. When selecting your wild oat herbicide, be aware of the chemistry groups that you are using throughout your crop rotation. Group 2 herbicides have become a popular choice for wild oat control, but be careful that you’re not overusing […] Read more

Getting back to the roots of our Prairie past

Reporter's Notebook: Lisa Guenther tours what’s left of Cleeves, a once-thriving Saskatchewan town

It’s a safe bet that most people haven’t heard of Cleeves, Sask. While Google maps still marks the spot virtually, little is left of the abandoned hamlet beyond caraganas, a dirt road and the basement of the school. Growing up in the Turtleford area, I’d heard of Cleeves. I knew it was somewhere around Spruce […] Read more

Harvesting of soybean field with combine

Seeding ideas about the rural/urban divide

A farmers musings on the growing lack of communication between city-dwellers and farmers

I got some grease on me the other day. Heck. It looked as if I had bathed in the stuff. And, you know what? It felt great. I even got a few scrapes. The kind of scrapes you only notice later, after the work, when you’re sitting down with a good book or while watching […] Read more

Getting to the root of the matter

In the third of a three-part series, Les Henry looks at roots of field and garden crops

This is the final of a three-part series. In part 1 (April 11, 2017) I talked about the folks that provided very detailed diagrams of many plant roots to the depth needed to get the complete picture. Part 2 (April 25, 2017) was perennial pasture and hay crops and weeds and part 3 is field […] Read more

Perfecting your pitch for farm reporters

Reporter's Notebook: These tips for passing on story ideas to reporters will help get your passions in print

On a fairly regular basis, I receive story ideas from media relations people and readers. Several factors go into whether or not a story makes it onto the pages of Grainews, and they’re not all within the control of the person pitching the idea. But some things are. Here are the ingredients for a solid […] Read more

Guarding Wealth: Signs of future risk in the stock market

U.S. government initiatives are raising returns on government and corporate bonds

In the early days of the Clinton administration, Democratic Party strategist James Carville opined that, after death, “I’d like to come back as the bond market. That way, I could intimidate everybody.” Bond prices determine bond yields and yields determine the weight of public debt — how fast taxes can pay it down, how affordable […] Read more

What a difference 100 years can make

Hart Attacks: The crop yields achieved by today’s famers would be a shock for our forefathers

As a new growing season begins, I am always impressed with the progress farmers have made in pushing the limits on crop production — striving to be more efficient, using improved agronomic practices and technology to increase yields and hopefully outsmart Mother Nature. I worked on a story earlier this year that described some global […] Read more

wheat and U.S. currency

Riding on the U.S. dollar rollercoaster

Swings in the price we pay for the U.S. dollar will impact profitability on your farm

Since the Board Room Bully took over in Washington in November, promising to revitalize the U.S. economy and provide more jobs and opportunities for Americans, we have seen a change in attitudes in the markets. Just after the election, we saw the U.S. dollar index jump to historic levels, based on hopes that Trump’s plans […] Read more