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Safely transport oversize loads

Farm safety: Tips to get your equipment to the field and back again

With larger farm equipment comes larger transportation challenges. Equipment wider than highway lanes poses a hazard to not only the equipment operator, but also to other motor vehicle operators. Tall equipment can come into contact with low-hanging wires, bridges and other vital pieces of infrastructure. Collisions with other vehicles is a major concern while transporting […] Read more

Index investing versus buying mutual funds

Guarding Wealth: To get diversification in your portfolio you have to pay for it, but not every mix works

There is an old saying that you can’t beat the market. Famed investor Warren Buffett has said, “Mr. Market always wins.” One school of investing agrees that, given you can’t beat the market, you might as well join it. That is the birth of index investing: the concept of buying index funds packed in exchange […] Read more

They sure don’t milk cows like they used to

Hart Attacks: The original Hart dairy farm was nothing like the high-tech operations running today

I know I am the crop and livestock expert for Grainews (NOT) — fact is I’m just old, and no expert on anything — but every time I write a story about a dairy farming operation today, I can’t help but recall some childhood memories, growing up on an Eastern Ontario dairy farm. This past […] Read more

They do things differently there

In Quebec, membership in the agriculture lobby group UPS is mandatory for farmers

Each fall, the Canadian Farm Writers’ Federation holds an annual conference in a different part of Canada. This year, the conference was in the Quebec City area. The conference hotel was a short walk from the Old City and the Plains of Abraham, so I was able to check out both. The Old City is […] Read more

Mail order houses: The Eakinton

The T. Eaton Co. Ltd. “Eakinton” was a very unique home

We have been getting quite a few queries about catalogue houses lately so I will tell the story about a very unique T. Eaton Home: Eakinton. First, a Q and A about the subject. What were catalogue or mail order houses? Starting in the early 1900s it was possible to order a house from a […] Read more

What does the harvest mean for the market?

A look at the post-harvest impact on Prairie canola, wheat and malt barley markets

By October 12, snow was already falling for the second time in two weeks and harvest was only about 80 per cent complete in the Central Alberta area. Other that than, the fall for the most part was amazing and has allowed farmers across the Prairies to get the harvest off in record time. Harvest […] Read more

Red 4WD Tractors, 1957 – 2017 is a detailed history

A new book for the tractor lover in your life

Lee Klancher’s new book Red 4WD Tractors, 1957 – 2017 is no lightweight, figuratively or literally. (That seems only fitting, given the high-horsepower subject matter.) The large format book runs over 370 pages and includes a more than ample helping of rare photos. With Red 4WD Tractors, Klancher follows up on his previous book about […] Read more

Black beetles on canola buds.

Looking back on 2017’s biggest growing challenges

Agronomy tips... from the field

Looking back on issues that growers had to deal with during the 2017 growing season, two things come to mind: insects and weather. In the spring, several regions across the Prairies experienced heavy flea beetle and cutworm pressure in their canola crops, along with some diamondback moth pressure later in the season. Keep in mind […] Read more

soybeans and soybean pods

Growing soybeans in Brazil

Toban Dyck had a glimpse of South American ag in a whirlwind trip to Brazil

At the end of August my wife and I traveled to Brazil for the International Pork and Poultry conference. I assumed the soybean plants in Brazil grow six-feet tall and that farmers there expect yields close to 80 bushels per acre. I expected to see lush growth, and an insatiable appetite for clear cutting the […] Read more

Farm Financial Planner: Grandchild will inherit widow’s farm

Managing taxes across the generations takes extra effort and a careful approach

Celeste, as we’ll call her, is 75. She lives in south central Manitoba and owns a 320-acre farm. Her husband, who we’ll call Edward, passed away earlier this year. The farm, a mixed grain and grazing operation, was profitable for many years. The couple put about $382,300 into off-farm investments over the years. Celeste’s problem […] Read more