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Pregnant cows need their protein

Molasses lick-tubs can help maintain cow condition and keep fetuses growing

I was recently driving west through the southern Prairies and saw a beef cow herd grazing late-autumn straw-coloured pasture. I suspected the calves were probably just weaned, which simply puts these dams at their lowest dietary requirements. I believe that these particular cows were getting plenty to eat, but they were probably not getting enough […] Read more

Second-quarter beef production to affect market

Market Update with Jerry Klassen: Tighter U.S. supplies will continue until April, then the tide will turn

Alberta fed cattle prices were trading in the range of $136 to $139 during the war half of September, while in mid- to late October Alberta packers were buying fed cattle in the range of $143 to $145. Although fed cattle prices have ratcheted higher, yearling and calf markets are relatively unchanged. In central Alberta, […] Read more

Putting bulls through a post-season checklist

Find the ones you want to keep, and help them to recover

Planning and good observations are necessary when pulling bulls. They may give us a clue as to how the breeding season went. Because bulls are stressed during breeding season and have lost lots of weight, they are in a way a sentinel animal for disease and both external and internal parasites. Bulls are now going […] Read more

September rain interrupts harvest plans

Eppich News: It was a multitasking month with harvest, hay and cattle

September started with about half an inch of rain Sept. 2. There was service work to be done on the combines before we could start harvest however, so it didn’t hold up work. By Sept. 4 Gregory and John slowly started cutting ditches and swathing crop again. On mid-afternoon Sept. 6 we started combining. There […] Read more

A pasture-watering system that won’t break the bank

The practice of never throwing anything away helps with small projects

In our area of the Interlake in Manitoba, the summer of 2018 was dry but many livestock producers had a surplus of feed left over from 2017. This year was worse. Sloughs were drying for the first time in recent memory. In the Shoal Lake area producers had to repair fence lines across sloughs for […] Read more

Calf prices below year-ago levels

Market Update with Jerry Klassen: Seek price protection if you're backgrounding calves this winter

Western Canadian feedlot margins have hovered in negative territory throughout the summer and early fall. In late September, Alberta packers were buying fed cattle on a dressed basis in the range of $231 to $232; live bids were quoted from $136 to $139. Recent prices are about $15 to $20 below break-even pen closeout values. […] Read more

Beef industry is meeting new challenges

Animal Health: New technology and regulations help producers do a better job

The beef producer has always been resilient and the last few years have seen many new challenges. Under the guidance of the Canadian Cattleman’s Association and Alberta Beef Producers the cattle industry has responded to these issues very well. The Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Beef Cattle, which has been out […] Read more

Luing cattle can navigate their native Highlands

Scottish breed works well in a mixed beef and sheep operation

Farming in the Scottish Highlands can be classed as one of the more challenging environments to make a living, but results can be good when the land and livestock work in harmony. Scott Renwick is quite a busy farmer running his beef and sheep farm at Inverbroom in the northwest of the country while also […] Read more

Fall is no time to slack off on a livestock mineral program

Plenty of hidden benefits for overall herd health and reproduction

Since April, I’ve had the privilege to criss-cross the Prairies to witness the opposite effects of drought and continuous rainstorms upon hundreds of square miles of pasture. In some areas, the pastures were brown, short and by themselves didn’t produce enough feed to support cattle, while other regions were green, lush and had lots of […] Read more