Regenerative ag series starts this Thursday

Producer panels part of the discussion of where regen ag has a fit

Just a reminder that the Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association (MFGA) Thursday night on-line (Zoom) series on regenerative agriculture, gets rolling this Thursday, Nov. 5 at 7 p.m. Manitoba time.

Regenerative Agriculture is a newer production trend more livestock and crop producers are wondering about. The “if, how and where questions” about the regen ag fit are among those the speakers in this series will hopefully answer. And it is good to see that each speaker session is followed by a farmer panel to discuss the topic further.

The four-part Thursday night series is free, but people do need to register. Following is a release from MFGA with many more of the details.

MFGA kicks off regenerative ag series

Regenerative Agriculture farm practices and knowledge will be front and center throughout the month of November as Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association (MFGA) takes their annual conference online with no admission fees.

“Thanks to the incredible support of our conference sponsors and the determination of the MFGA board and staff to continue to advance Regen Ag in Manitoba, MFGA will offer the entire 2020 MFGA Regen Ag Conference over four Thursday nights in November – online free of charge,” says Larry Wegner, MFGA chair. “We have lined up four of the best of the best global experts in their respective areas of regenerative agriculture knowledge to give our attendees a great cross-section of information and dialogues around each of the keynote presentations.”

Each of the Thursday nights will follow the same template. Registered online attendees will be assigned/provided with a link to join the conference webinar where an international keynote speaker will start the evening with a 40 minute pre-taped presentation, followed by a 20 minute moderated online live Question and Answer period. The second hour of each webcast will feature Manitoba-focused panels featuring Manitoba producers and industry experts who will discuss the night’s presentation in a Manitoba context.

“MFGA declared our corporate position on regenerative agriculture in 2018 for exactly this reason,” says Wegner. “This is our third conference and each one has been a bit different. We had been planning to make this year our biggest in-person event but we all know what happened there. With MFGA, the glass is half-full and we’ve worked hard to bring in these awesome speakers so we don’t lose a year of momentum here.

Wegner says MFGA is proud to have Ryan Boyd, a Forrest, MB farmer, MFGA Board Member and 2019 Nuffield Scholar as one of the four keynote speakers alongside Diana Rodgers, Nicole Masters and Mark Shepard. Wegner says MFGA has a particular interest in producers that are improving soil health for better water management, biodiversity and carbon sequestration especially around grazing and grassland systems. He personally is striving to learn more around soil health practices that are positioning producers to improve their land base whether that involves grazing livestock or not. The key of the conference, he says, is all are welcome.

“That’s the beauty of regenerative agriculture in our minds,” says Wegner. “Nobody owns regenerative agriculture….it’s led by producers who want to learn more, network with their peers and more-experienced practitioners, and decide if a certain farming practice is a good fit for their farm and activate accordingly. We at MFGA are simply proud to provide that forum and serve as a connector and information facilitator for that to happen. Whether you farm livestock or grain or don’t farm at all, we don’t care. If you’re interested in or want to learn more about regenerative agriculture and soil health or if you’re a consumer interested in your food choices you’re more than welcome to join us.”


  1.   Nov 5: Diana Rodgers: 

Sacred Cow Presentation 

MFGA Moderator: Ryan Boyd

Panel: Regenerative Food in the Manitoba Supply Chains

* Dana Penrice – Holistic Management/Savoury Institute

* Dustin Peltier – Loaf and Honey

* Curtis Brown – Food Ethos Farm

  1.   Nov 12: Nicole Masters: 

Turning on the biological soil-gut system

MFGA Moderator: Larry Wegner

Panel: Fostering Soil Biology

* Chris Raupers – Cardale Grain, Cardale

* Joe Gardiner – Farmer and partner Covers and Co., Clearwater

* Alexander Boersch – Farmer and owner Regen AgSolutions, Elie

  1.   Nov 19: Mark Shepard: 

Making the Most of the Water Resources on Your Farm

MFGA Moderator: Matt Vansteelandt

Panel: Opportunities and Experiences for effective water use on farm in the northern prairies

* Justin Girard – Hearts and Roots Farm, La Salle

* Takota Coen – Coen Farm, Central Alberta

  1.   Nov 26: Ryan Boyd: 

Grazing Ruminants: a resilient long-term solution to agriculture productivity and profitability

MFGA Moderator: Arron Nerbas

Panel: Integrating Cattle – Making it Work in Manitoba

* Brett McRae – McRae Land and Livestock, Brandon

* Nick Cowan – Farmer, Hartney

* Brian Harper – Circle H Farms, Brandon

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For more information:
Duncan Morrison, Executive Director
Manitoba Forage & Grassland Association
[email protected] / 204-0770-3548


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