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Calgary Stampede starts July 3

The Calgary Stampede made me a great lunch yesterday, so I need to remind readers that the greatest outdoor show on earth is coming up July 3 to 12. While officials promise the event will be bigger and better than ever, I’m just hoping my favorite mini-doughnut stand is in the same location as always […] Read more

Feeding cattle in a drought

Alberta beef producers interested in some advice on how to manage cattle and pastures in light of the cool, dry growing conditions should attend one of the six upcoming information meetings being held around the province. Starting next Tuesday, June 16, evening meetings will be held in the following locations; June 16, Claresholm Community Centre […] Read more

Tough call

Alberta pork producer Arnold Van Ginkel of Rocky Mountain House had to make the tough decision, in the last few days, to cull the entire 2,500-head herd of hogs in his barns, as the only way to eradicate the H1N1 virus, as well as the perception that meat from the hogs in his operation posed […] Read more

Let them blubber

It was great to see Governor General Michaelle Jean eating a piece of seal heart this week. I’m not a big fan of raw heart from any source – stuff it and roast it, and that’s a different story. But I gave her top marks for her support of the Canadian sealing industry. Of course, […] Read more

Courageous farmer

I know it is a tough spot, but I was pleased to see Alberta hog producer Arnold Van Ginkel go public this week with his side of how the H1N1 virus has shut down his operation at Rocky Mountain House. Even though he and his family have personally done nothing wrong, I think it is […] Read more

We need a pandemic of common sense

I spent part of the past week with some highly influential people in the Canadian beef industry. The first important group was six southeastern B.C. ranchers, and the second group was guys who work for or have some links  to an organization called the Canadian Cattleman’s Association (I had to shower after that session! I’m kidding […] Read more

I’m loving this climate change

It was a couple years ago when former U.S. vice president Al Gore released his film “An Inconvenient Truth” which was all about the impending and undeniable risk of climate change, that there were a couple David Suzuki followers in Canada – Olympic athletes – who declared that global warming was indeed real because when […] Read more

Are you socially connected?

Have you been Tweeting today? I feel like I’m in an episode of Star Wars and I have just gone over to the Dark Side. Yes, I joined Twitter and I have Tweeted. As much as I scoffed at the notion of becoming involved in ‘social networking’, I have been compelled to check out this […] Read more

Reading newspapers will kill you

Did anyone else see the research that proved reading a daily paper (a daily paper, not Grainews), but reading a newspaper every day could cause premature blindness, and in 95 percent of cases, leads to death. Yes, it is fact proven by a research team from the University of Manyberries, Alberta that those people who […] Read more

There goes the neighbourhood

I am not sure what to think about plans by a Toronto company to launch large scale corporate farming in Western Canada. My first thought is to protect and promote the family farm, but there again I have talked to lots of producers in recent years who operate family farms that are 15,000, 20,000 even […] Read more