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No “Beef Production for Dummies” – yet

Just kicking back in the office today, catching up on some reading and on the top of the pile is a new book called “Raising Goats for Dummies”. I knew there was a series of these trademark bright yellow and black jacketed books on a wide range of topics, but I thought it was 15 […] Read more

Where are we at with biofuels?

 I work out of my basement office, so it is easy for me to loose track of things. But as we observe Earth Day this week I was just trying to update myself on who is producing biofuels in Western Canada. Husky has a four-year-old ethanol plant at Lloydminster, Sask. and an upgraded facility at Minnedosa […] Read more

Another whack on agriculture

Yes, that is just what Agriculture Canada needs is more budget cuts. I was just reading recently where the federal government plans to cut the Ag Canada budget by nearly half – 45 percent – or $1.5 billion over the next three years. First of all it amazes me that the regular Ag Canada budget […] Read more

Do you have enough seeds in the ground?

I don’t farm, I am just an all-knowing farm writer. But, one of the most common messages I hear from the experts is for producers to keep the seeding rate up. There are several benefits to this, which first includes simply having enough plants in the field to optimize your yield, but it is also […] Read more

In search of tender, tasty meat

I think the Olympics are over – or at least the first round. The Paralympics are yet to come – but it is time I moved on with my thoughts. Blogging is like fish – it is always better fresh, so I am sure a few people are wondering what died on the Grainews webpage. […] Read more

Critical analysis of the Opening Ceremonies

  Did you hear the one about the three old farm writers, who along with their wives, got together to watch the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympics, last Friday? We’re still trying to figure out how they got those whales into the stadium, and all going in the same direction. You can just imagine […] Read more

Things I learned in Saskatoon

Just when I thought I knew it all, (or is it that I didn’t want to learn anymore) I spent a day at the Saskatchewan Beef and Forage Symposium in Saskatoon, this week, and got a bad case of information overload. I was only able to catch 13 of the 17 presentations during the day, […] Read more

Go Flame Go!

We were in Lethbridge yesterday to help welcome the Olympic torch run to southern Alberta. We could have seen the flame and the torch bearers in any number of communities. It is actually in Calgary today for a three-day event before it heads west. We met friends – Adrian and Val Cooke, and son Elliott, […] Read more

Now that’s a good calendar

The year is off to a better start already, compared to 2009.  Last year my CaseIH calendar didn’t arrive in the mail until sometime in April (that was for the 2009 calendar year) so it really was too late. I had already found a good calendar to put on the wall above my office phone. […] Read more

More tracking, and are we ready for CDN COOL?

Two questions for producers to ponder. How important is the enhanced traceability of cattle through the production system, to producers? It could be coming along in 2011. And secondly, is it time for COOL (Country of Origin Labeling) in Canada? If you have any thoughts on these two topics, or any other, I would be […] Read more