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35 years down and another day to go

Today, October 4, me and the Little Mrs. are marking five years of wedded bliss. Oh, we’ve been married for 35 years, I’m just counting ones that were happy. I think that is an old Rodney Dangerfield joke, but I didn’t want my wife to  think I had gone all mushy or something. But, 35 years […] Read more

Humpty gets repaired

  A lot of us might think our kids (or someone else in our lives) have a hole in their heads, well for those of you who have followed my reports of injuries suffered by a young man from southeastern, B.C. in an ATV accident, I am glad to say the literal hole in Bryce […] Read more

Are we cool yet?

Nope. That headline wasn’t meant to refer to the weather. Something I saw this week made me wonder if we farm machinery enthusiasts might be on the verge of being considered “cool”. As I staked my claim to the sofa and the TV remote control in order to watch all twenty-odd hours of this fall’s […] Read more

UFO sightings at Nanton, Alberta

I had the bjeezus scared out of me Saturday afternoon. I ran into a small fleet of UFOs (Unfamiliar Farming Objects) near Nanton, south of Calgary. There I was out on a beautiful fall day, having a routine look at manure spreading operations – sure, maybe I was a little excited, who wouldn’t be – […] Read more

Hard to stop those mature farmers

  I had a call yesterday from Ed Molzan who farms in southwest Ontario – west of London, south of Sarnia, near a little place call Alvinston. As a long time reader of Grainews (25 years) and as a soybean grower (for 60 years), Ed called to let me know he had the earliest soybean […] Read more

Take your time

When—or if—the rain finally stops, farmers will be logging some pretty long hours in combine cabs to try and catch up before the snow falls. But after a couple of solid 12 or 14 hour shifts, fatigue can start to set in. That is exactly when accidents start to happen. And it’s far too easy […] Read more

Beef producers headed for easy street

(To be honest, sometimes I throw out a tiny misleading headline like that, just to catch people’s attention.) The point is, I just read Jerry Klassen’s beef market column which will be appearing in the early October issue of Grainews, (apparently I have to read it, that is part of my job), but aside from […] Read more

You got to be nuts to be farming

I just finished talking to a few Prairie farmers for a regular feature I do for Grainews called the Farmer Panel. It will be published in early October. I don’t think any of them had any earth-shattering news, but it is always interesting for me to talk to farmers about what they are doing and […] Read more

Hydrogen tractor displayed at farm show

A few months ago I was asked to help Farmers Weekly, a publication in the United Kingdom, put together a snapshot of Canadian farming statistics for one of their issues. One of the questions the editor wanted me to address was how much Canadian farmers are paying for marked diesel fuel. Of course the exact […] Read more

This isn’t a year to skip soil testing

Soil scientists and crop advisors have for years preached from the agronomy pulpit about the value of soil testing, but for farmers in those parts of Western Canada where it was really, really wet this year, it appears to be really, Really, REALLY important to consider soil testing this fall. After all this rain, in […] Read more