Nutrient Management Seminar series continues

Great speakers and great information for the on-line series

Be on-line for the next seven Monday afternoons around 2 p.m. to see and hear some to the leading experts in in Western Canada talk about nutrient and soil health management topics.


The 2021 Alberta Nutrient Management Seminar Series actually started last Monday, Jan. 11with a presentation by Ross McKenzie explaining how to read a soil test report. There is still time to register for the series, $35 for most people and $10 for students, and if you do, you can go back and view any segments you missed.

The seminar, that is held every two years, this year is being hosted by the County of Warner in southern Alberta. Brad Calder, ag extension specialist for the county says all viewers are welcome and payment by Paypal or credit card is accepted.


To register visit: and following are links to the upcoming sessions featuring presenters such as Jeff Schoenau with the University of Saskatchewan; Ken Greer with Western Ag Group of Companies; Anne Verhallen with Ontario Ministry of Agriculture; and other really, really, really knowledgeable types including Tom Goddard, Jack Payne, Marla Riekman, Richard Engel, Scott Gillespie, Tom Jensen, Carolos Romero, Frank Larney and Brad Calder.


If you don’t learn something from these folks about nutrient and soil management, then your just weren’t listening. So tune in…..



•   January 18, Precision Manure Management on the Canadian Prairies, Precision Agriculture

•   January 25, Cover Crops, Soil Erosion

•   February 1, Soil Salinity: Causes to Cures?

•   February 8, Combatting Compaction, Soil Acidification

•   February 16, Realistic Regenerative Nutrient Management, State of the Fertilizer Industry

•   February 22, Enhancement of Manure Composting by Biochar, Feedlot Manure Composting

•   March 1, Phosphorus Filter, Agriculture Financial Services Corporation




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