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What a bunch of dopes

I know that Canada’s health care system isn’t perfect, but I
think we all have a reasonable and realistic expectation that every man, woman
and child, regardless of their economic status, will receive necessary medical
treatment as needed.

So it to some degree amazes me to see the panic in the U.S.
as President Obama talks about a nationally funded health care system. He isn’t

even talking about a blanket state health care system, but simply wanted to
offer it as an option along with private health care.

The concept has people screaming and crying at Town Hall
meetings, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, continues to amaze the world with
her insight by suggesting the creation of a government funded health care
system will lead to “death panels” which will decide who will get treatment –
who will live or die…and all this kind of nonsense.

What a bunch of dopes. Rather than get behind the idea and
find ways to build a better national health care system, even better than
Canada, so that all Americans have access to a reasonable level of health care,
they prefer to maintain the status quo which leaves something like 20 million
people without any protection.

And this comes from a country that describes itself as a
progressive leader of the free world. Fear, ignorance and politics all travel
on the same turnip truck.





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Field Editor

Lee Hart

Lee Hart is editor of Cattleman’s Corner based in Calgary.



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