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Update on and more Amazing Road Trip photos

So I have had a couple suggestions on this mystery photo I
took of a canola field in the Westlock area last week. The crop looked nice and
uniform except for these flowered strips and I did see a couple other fields
with similar patterns. I thought it might be something to do with compaction,
however, one or both of these readers may have the definitive answer. And, if
anyone else has any suggestions let me know.

Canola field 1 .jpg

Canola Field 2.jpg

Here are the comments:

Brian says: I have
seen this type of field a couple of times in the past. My guess is that it is
RR canola that was sprayed at a later than recommended stage, the crop was a
bit stressed, and the glyphosate treatment set back the crop, except in the
missed strips or where there was a nozzle plugged.”

(So Brian’s theory is that the crop was sprayed late with

glyphosate, most of the field was injured or set back, and these yellow strips
missed the spray application. Sounds reasonable to me.)

And on the other hand, David, who apparently has had some
experience in these matters has a couple suggestions…

David writes: “The
field of strips is very easy to explain. Everyone knows that Alberta land is
selling for a premium and even the aliens are interested in snapping some land
up. So the local farmer just set up his bar code to advertise his land and
crop. Or your idea of compaction sounds like it could have some merit but as it
is so uniform I would like to think it is to do with the piece of equipment.
Possible one section not getting as much fertilizer or more, or depth of seeding
that delayed the crops maturity or extra fertilizer has added the length of
flowering stage. Or the good LORD just forgot to adjust his blinds when he sent

the sun shine and rain and thus strips. Just his way of adding an artistic look
to the countryside.”



And one more amazing thing I have seen in my travels is what
happens when jumping buck hits small car. There

Thumbnail image for Dead deer 1.jpg

 wasn’t a scratch on the grill
or hood of this vehicle, so the deer obviously connected with the windshield
right about where the rearview mirror attaches to the windshield. Windshield shattered, roof torn
open. I understand, amazingly no one was hurt, except for the deer, which
learned a very hard lesson. Today’s message: Watch for Wildlife or Drive a Kenworth. 

(Lee Hart is Field Editor for Grainews – contact him at 403-592-1964 or email [email protected]

Damaged car 1.jpg


Thumbnail image for damaged car 2 .jpg

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