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Trump — was that a dream or a nightmare?

Well that was a shocking, surprising and disappointing U.S. election result. I figured it might be close, but I really didn’t think Trump would pull it off. DidTrump anyone?

As yappy and annoying as he is, he might prove to be the best president the U.S. ever had, however he will have to work hard to prove it to me. In the last couple weeks of the election campaign he was even hard for me to watch. At the moment my thoughts are that this doesn’t say much about the smarts of the majority of U.S. voters. I understand people do look for change — Alberta did vote NDP last time around — but, really? Trump seems to embody some exaggeration of change and not in a good way. The only other name that would surprise me more as a U.S. president is Kardashian

He might be a smart businessman, he appears to have had some measure of success. But he will need to make some smart moves to earn credibility and respect among the few billion people around the world who didn’t vote for him and are just observers.

I don’t think he’s as off the wall (or as delusional) as North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, and perhaps not as conniving as Russia’s Vladimir Putin, but boy, you put the three of them in a room together and they would either come out as the best of friends or it would be the last day of the world as we know it.

I remember reading a column by Edmonton Sun columnist Lorne Gunter earlier this year, as Trump was in the running for the Republican nomination. Gunter’s take was that the world shouldn’t fear Donald Trump. He’s over the top, loud, abrasive and a posturer. He will take an outrageous position on something, but only as a bargaining tool to negotiate down to something he really wants — sort of like a trade union demanding a 50 per cent raise for workers, but then settling in the end for five per cent.

I hope Gunter was right.

Like just about everyone else who had a comment, I don’t know if Hillary Clinton would have been the best president ever — the lesser of two evils — but she seemed predictable and offered a certain “comfort zone”. Obviously she stood for just too much of the status quo.

Initially, with that election win, the U.S. itself has certainly lost some credibility as a serious world super power. As a Canadian it was somewhat comforting to know that your next-door neighbor maybe wasn’t always liked, but at least was respected. This “character” heading to the White House will have to earn his stripes and prove there are some brains behind that bluster.

Lee Hart is a field editor with Grainews based in Calgary. Contact him at 403-592-1964 or by email at [email protected]







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