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The case of the ice cream miracle

I have always known that eating works wonders for me, but
this may be a case where ice cream is indeed a miracle food.

Just this week I witnessed a young man, who has been in
hospital for nearly two months recovering from a serious head injury, eat a $9
ice cream cone (who knew they were that expensive) and a few hours later he is
given the medical green light to head home. Medical science and prayer may have

played a role in Bryce’s recovery somewhere, but I now believe it was the $9
Marble Slab waffle cone, covered in candy sprinkles that really made the

Bryce Ice Cream 2 small.jpg

His pending departure is joyous news, since the boy has been
ready to get out of the Foothills Hospital in Calgary for about five of the
past seven weeks. Sure he wanted to get back to school and chores, but I think
the desire to get home really kicked in shortly after he realized that a green
paste in one section of the meal tray, really wasn’t one of the Canada Food
Guide groups. We just weren’t sure what that was.

He had some healing to do, rehab and there has been a protracted
period trying to get his blood back to a normal consistency. That I.V. pole was

about to replace Josh as his best friend. But finally this week the doctors
said close enough and disconnected the last stubborn line. There still wasn’t
any firm commitment on when he would be discharged, but Thursday, his first day
of I.V. pole freedom he ventured to the mall with his mother for a Chinese food
supper and capped that off with a $9 Marble Slab waffle cone, covered in candy
sprinkles. That’s when the miracle happened.

The next morning, doctors checked all the vitals and said
“boy, you are good to go.” It must be the Marble Slab recipe, because his Mom
and two other elderly guests at dinner all had Dairy Queen deserts and none of
us won the lottery that night. So it appears Marble Slab ice cream really has
the power.

There has been a small lottery operating in the boy’s
hospital room the last week or so, as visitors put their name on the board with

a date they guessed Bryce would finally be released. I know I didn’t win the
door prize, which was a gift basket of latex gloves and bandages, but the grand
prize winners are Bryce, his parents, sister Kendal and friend Josh who will be
able to finally turn the page on this stressful chapter, and get back to normal
routine at their southeastern B.C. home.

It could have been a much different story following the
September 4 ATV accident, which landed the young man in hospital, with a badly
swollen brain, and a ton of uncertainties about if, when and how he would
recover. This could have been a 10 month to a year, or longer recovery process.

But next week, October 26, about seven and a half weeks
later, he’s scheduled to be heading home. I’ll be glad to see them leave for
many reasons, but mostly because I am running low on parking money, and I would
really like to save some cash for one of those miraculous $9 Marble Slab waffle
cones, covered in candy sprinkles.

Lee Hart is a long time blogger and social media guru
who can be reached at [email protected]











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