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Tally ho, from Grainews London correspondent

What do four old people, London, 6 p.m. and pizza have in
common? That’s what happens when you have been up all night traveling to
England from Canada – you fall asleep at 6 p.m. eating pizza in London. 

Geez, salmon fishing at Campbell River, B.C. one day and a
less than a week later having pizza in London, England — I travel more than the

Yes, we arrived in London yesterday (Wednesday) and are just

about to start a day of touring around the city. Took the Heathrow Express
train from the airport to downtown, then cabbed it to the hotel — relatively
easy and cheaper than some other options.

A bit of rain here this morning and word is we have lots of
walking to do. I’m here with my wife Angie, my sister Brenda and her husband

I don’t think I have stayed up past 1 p.m. in about five
years, so being up 30 some hours straight Tuesday took its toll. Rested and
ready to roll today. My wife took this picture of me on Kensington Street
yesterday afternoon.  She kept
telling me to back up 10 

Thumbnail image for Lee & bus in London.jpg

feet but I can see why now. Ha, I fooled her.

I see this just happens to be the Chalk Farm bus (in the
photo) so that is my connection to agriculture for today. I also checked out
the price of beef and pork at Mark’s and Spencer yesterday.  It was 19 pounds per kilogram so that
is about $35 per kilo. But it was organic, grass fed/finished beef and pork,
and the store knew the producer, so it must have been good.

So we may see where the Queen lives and attend a Broadway
show tonight. I will keep you posted.





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