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Strange weather, strange field days

The strange weather this year, has made for some interesting
crop tours and events.

In “dry old southern Alberta” I went to a seeding
demonstration in June and the big question was, which tool works best in mud?
In July I went to a “crop walk” day at Lethbridge and it was so wet the only
crop we saw was during a power point presentation in a seminar room. At about
the same time a field day sponsored by the Western Stock Growers Association

checking out livestock research and feedlot operations had to be postponed, due
to a shortage of gumboots.

And then, just this past week — early November— I went to a
grain marketing workshop east of Calgary where 30 farmers were expected, and no
one showed up. It was a sunny, plus 17 C day and anyone who still had crop to
harvest was out doing it, or at least helping a neighbor. I knew something big
affected attendance, because this was an event with a free lunch.

Hay girl 2 .jpg

Organizers were understanding and will plan to rescheduled
after freeze up.

It will be hard to know what to wear to the AgriTrade farm
show at the Westerner Exhibition Grounds in Red Deer this week. While most
displays are inside, some years the most popular outdoor display was the guy

selling wood burning and pellet stoves, and other times you could be looking
for shade. No matter what the conditions it is hard to dress appropriately. If
you  bundle up for the outdoor
stuff, you get too hot inside, and if you have a light jacket, chances are you
won’t dawdle too long with the grain auger and manure spreader displays in the
central parking lot.

And does anyone know this gal (pictured above) who
was working on a farm south of Strathmore last week. She looks like a very
knowledgeable  person on forage
handling, but I wouldn’t want her giving any husband-handling advice to my

Lee Hart is a long time
blogger and social media guru who can be reached at [email protected]



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