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Prince Philip “gone fishing”

Wouldn’t you know it. The guys stumbles into this cushy job and immediately after 67 years decides to coast.

The UK and a good part of the world was rocked this morning by news that Princequeen-elizabeth-and-prince-philip_0 Philip, at age 96, is talking retirement. At least he had the courtesy to give everyone five month’s notice.

It won’t be easy finding a replacement for someone who is president or member of 780 organizations and charities. Based on my own far more limited experience, it must take him until 3 o’clock every day just to go through his emails.

So the Prince is retiring, eh. Well, I guess if you’ve been to 10,000 ribbon cuttings with the Queen, you’ve been to them all.

I know the Royals catch flak from time to time about the value of their largely ceremonial role, but I have long believed that despite all the trappings and wealth it wouldn’t be an easy or always an enjoyable life being a Royal, let alone Prince Philip and especially the Queen. They continue the traditions of the monarchy, but where are they as people? How much of themselves as everyday humans do they give up, to represent the crown?

All joking aside, I think it is just fine that Prince Philip retires. Some reports said he may do a bit more fishing. I can almost see him along the banks of a river somewhere in a ball cap and sweat pants catching a few trout for supper. Good for him. He said a few years ago he should retire before he reaches his “best before” date. Hopefully he can enjoy more free time.

Perhaps Prince Charles, when he’s not tending his organic farm, can pick up some of his father’s duties. But he’s busy too. When he’s not studying the manual on How To Be King, apparently he has to keep track of the lunar cycles to determine planting dates on his 900 ac Duchy Home Farm where he produces wheat, barley, pork, dairy and a wide range of vegetables.

I talked to an Alberta farmer many years ago who was big on determining his crop seeding dates according to the moon phases. He said it worked for him.

Anyway, I am sure the Royals will figure out these scheduling issues now that Philip is retiring. They can always set up a Go Fund Me page and hire some help if needed.


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Lee Hart

Lee Hart is editor of Cattleman’s Corner based in Calgary.



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