Need a career change? New scenery? Ever been to Moscow?

If you are an agrologist with experience with pasture, have
I got a job for you. Okay, it may be in Moscow, but it is still a great

This is like one of those “a friend, of a friend, of a
friend” stories, but word recently came through the email grapevine, that a
company in Russia is looking for a pasture agrologist and they’d like someone
from Western Canada. I don’t think my honorary membership in the Alberta
Institute of Agrologist qualifies.

I will get around to the job posting in a minute…this
opportunity came to me via Al Hingston, who use to be a beef specialist in
Saskatchewan, before moving to the Ukraine to become a consultant. He sent a
note to Duane McCartney, one of those really old range and pasture experts
retired from Ag Canada, and Duane sent it on to Grant Lastikwa,
grazing/forage/beef specialist in Alberta and Grant sent it on to people on his

forage distribution list. So by now it is probably one of the most widely distributed
job opportunities in email and grazing history.

Here is the Job Posting:



Miratorg Agro Holdings is looking for a pasture manager
for 160,000 ha ranch near Bryansk, which is about 300 km SW of Moscow. They
want someone from western Canada as they rightly believe the climate etc. are
similar.  This is an agronomist position not a ranch manager position
according to the job description below:

 Pasture manager; agronomist, having knowledge of
soil tilling, planting scheduling, grass mixtures options.

Spheres of responsibility:


none;mso-list:l0 level1 lfo1;tab-stops:list 87.35pt;mso-layout-grid-align:none; text-autospace:none">·      -making
pasture soil analyses, estimation of pastures potential

·      -cooperation
with cattle breeders to determine demands in feeding (volumes/quality)

·      -development
and implementation of the program for increasing pastures production (nutritive
value from 1 hectare)

Must be prepared to move to and live in Russia


For information about Miratorg see links below

 If you
or anyone you know are interested let me know as they are anxious to fill the
position as soon as possible.  Please forward this email to anyone in your
network who might be interested or know of someone interested. They can contact
me or send their particulars directly to Miratorg HR attn: Elena Kitaeva

Thanks so much for your attention to this.

Allen R. Hingston, BSA, MSc

Ukraine Mob:

Email: [email protected]


Good luck, if you apply. I am hoping there is some sort of
finders fee paid on this, but by the size of the distribution list it may only
be a Ruble, which is about three cents.

Hart is a field editor for Grainews in Calgary, Contact him at 403-592-1964 or
by email at
[email protected]




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