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Let them blubber

It was great to see Governor General Michaelle Jean eating a
piece of seal heart this week.

I’m not a big fan of raw heart from any source – stuff it
and roast it, and that’s a different story. But I gave her top marks for her
support of the Canadian sealing industry.

Of course, her very public demonstration of support drew
criticism from all the pet owners around the world. “How could she?” But, there

she was, side by side with the Inuit people, supporting the culture and customs
of these people who have relied on this form of ‘animal agriculture’ for
centuries as both a source of food and income.

I wasn’t sure about Ms. Jean when she was first appointed to
the GG position. I didn’t know anything about her. “I thought who is this
intellectual who is married to that old man? This should be good!”  (Of course her husband, Jean-Daniel
Lafond, is just a little older than me.) But, over the last few years she has
demonstrated that she is truly a down to earth person, who has served the
country well in this vice-regal role.

While I believe strongly in proper care and treatment of
animals, and in environmental protection, I am continually alarmed by these
voracious do-gooder critics who can’t get their head around the concept of
humane slaughter and other proper and sustainable agriculture production

Thank God, Her Excellency, hasn’t followed the footsteps of

Prince Charles (Mr. Organic) who continues to talk about things he doesn’t



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Lee Hart

Lee Hart is editor of Cattleman’s Corner based in Calgary.



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