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It ain’t broke, let’s fix it!

Sometimes I think bureaucrats, politicians, the makers of electronic devices (cell phones/software programs) and a hundred other things just mess with stuff because they have nothing better to do.

I was just reading recently where the federal government was asking for input into changing the cash deferral plan producers use when they sell a commodity this year, but claim the money in the next tax year to help minimize or stabilize their income tax load. Sounds like a smart way to manage your income tax.

Nowhere in the article did I read about all the problems the existing cash deferral plan was creating for the world in general…”we have a big problem here folks, we need to fix this!!!” I didn’t see that anywhere. In fact, what I read were comments from several farm organizations saying scrapping the cash deferral would create hardship (higher taxes) for many producers.

There were no reports of complaints, the government is asking for producer feedback. Farmers and farm organizations will now have to take time to provide feedback so the government just doesn’t randomly decide to change things because no one commented. And the first question is “why?” Why is this even being looked at? What was the problem? There was no suggestion of a better option. Why, why why?

But often enough, not just in government matters, but in life in general stuff gets changed and I have to ask why. I just learned to use this cell phone, or this software program, how to use the remote for my TV, to find canned beans at the grocery store and the next time you turn around there’s been an update, an upgrade, a reorganization of shelves and what was working perfectly fine yesterday has now changed. “Yes, the beans use to be here in the vegetable aisle, but now they are three aisles over next to light bulbs. Why?

And, to me often it boils down to some people have nothing better to do than simply change things. Justify their existence. I don’t believe I am opposed to change except when it affects something I am familiar with and the change doesn’t make much sense. It is change for the sake of change.

Anyway, if you do have comments on the cash deferral issue you have until May 24 to send your thoughts to [email protected]

Lee Hart is a field editor with Grainews based in Calgary. Contact him at 403-592-1964 or by email at [email protected]






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