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In search of Nutsedge and long lost bridesmaids

It has been another exciting week here at the Grainews foreign office in Calgary.

First, I received a news release about a new-to-Canada herbicide that will end all your worries over purple and yellow nutsedge. I

This Yellow Nutsedge is a weed you probably will never see in Western Canada, but good to know.
Elaine Frose

thought, “this is great news, except I have never heard of purple and yellow nutsedge…I obviously have been in this basement office too long.”

But a couple phone calls later and I realized it wasn’t me. There appears to be little or no purple and yellow nutsedge in Western Canada. The new-to-Canada product called “Permit” is a Group 2 widely used in the U.S. to control weeds including purple and yellow nutsedge in corn and dry bean growing regions. Literature says it is also effective in controlling 40 other broadleaf weeds and some of those we do have — bindweed, chickweed, fleabane, common mallow, smart weed, pigweed, and plantain, to name a few. It may have a great fit in Ontario and further east.

But except for the odd citing in perhaps southern Manitoba, purple and yellow nutsedge is a non-issue. It prefers wet, or swampy ground and although parts of Western Canada have seen their share of wet conditions in recent years, the weed isn’t here.

Good to know however, if you hit the field one day and see this creeping perennial weed, with clusters of yellowish-brown flowers there is a tool available.


And the missing-person’s desk at Grainews had a call from a southern Alberta reader trying to track down a bridesmaid from her wedding 50 years ago.

The reader said they were planning to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary and were trying to reassemble the original wedding party, and she had lost track of one of the bridesmaids.

The reader said she believed she knew the name of the farmer this gal had married, and searching on line she came across a story I had done a few years ago talking to a farmer of the same name. “Might I happen to have his contact information?”

This was a bit of a challenge, since at my stage in life it seems my memory is wiped clean roughly every eight hours, so trying to recall this farmers name after three or four years was likely hopeless. But I thought about it, tried to connect the name to the story and the topic, and after rooting through some file boxes, I found my story notes, the farmer’s name and his phone number. I am sure I broke every Privacy Act rule on the books, but I passed along the phone number and wished her luck.

After, I got thinking, I hope this farmer isn’t like Mickey Rooney, with a very long, and diverse marital track record. Actor Mickey Rooney died earlier this week at age 94 and he had had eight wives…I am sensing the man might have had some commitment issues.


And yesterday I received a telephone voicemail from a Manitoba rancher who just happened to be reading his Feb. 8, 2010 Grainews (now that is four years old) and an article prompted him to call with a comment.

Really? You still are reading a February 2010 issue of Grainews? Glad to hear he is a loyal reader…I don’t know the fella…but now I am wondering if he might have some hoarding issues.

Lee Hart is a field editor for Grainews in Calgary, Contact him at 403-592-1964 or by email at [email protected]

















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