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I’m loving this climate change

It was a couple years ago when former U.S. vice president Al
Gore released his film “An Inconvenient Truth” which was all about the
impending and undeniable risk of climate change, that there were a couple David
Suzuki followers in Canada – Olympic athletes – who declared that global
warming was indeed real because when they were young they use to be able to
have a skating rink in the back yard in winter, and now it was so warm that

they couldn’t. And these were seasoned 25 year olds, testifying to the reality
of global warming.

 Well I am sitting here in Calgary, as a seasoned
57-year-old, almost on May 1, 2009, with snow in the front yard, watching the
forecast for more snow, wet snow, and flurries and day-time high temperatures
of two degrees, and I’m thinking “I’m supposed to go fishing tomorrow, I better
let my truck run for a while because obviously we’re not getting enough carbon
dioxide into the atmosphere over Alberta to contribute to this whole warming

 Yes, call me a skeptic. But as my learned colleague
Camrose-area farmer Gerald Pilger pointed out the other day how can we be sure
the current weather we are experiencing isn’t a factor of weather variation as
opposed to climate change?

I know you can find any type of research on the internet to
support you’re view on any subject, so I locked on to this one that said “Global

warming is changing the world we know and love. But in fact, the Earth’s
climate has changed many times – especially in the last two million years, when
a series of ice ages has wreaked havoc worldwide.” And that wasn’t even written
by by Canadian climatologist and global-warming contrarian Tim Ball.

Friend Doug Burnard, of London, Ontario emailed me yesterday
to say he was sorry to hear about the snow in Alberta, but he didn’t have time
to talk further because he had to clean up after playing a game of golf in 25 C
weather. Another friend Andrew Douglas in Guleph, sent me a gruesome photo of
his face, supposedly with a sunburn suffered after sitting on his deck having
lunch. These are not well-intentioned people.

So over the next few days, if it doesn’t snow too much I
might be fishing. I also plan to help my brother-in-law process calves this
weekend at Fort Steele, B.C. and my wife is urging me to pack my long

underwear. At the same time we also will take our golf clubs just in case a
warm day strikes.

Yes, I am all over this global warming thing. I would just
like to talk to a couple people who lived through the last two million years to
find out what sort of trends they observed before and after the “series of ice
ages”. You can read all you want, but it is listening to that first hand experience
that really counts.
















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Field Editor

Lee Hart

Lee Hart is editor of Cattleman’s Corner based in Calgary.



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