Hope I don’t end up smeared all over the Western “Seducer”

I just got back from a couple days of fishing with four guys
from our company and four guys from Bayer Crop Science. We have done this
before. I just hope none of those photos of me in what I thought were private,
and yes perhaps compromising situations, ends up as some tawdry photo spread in
Western Producer. Wouldn’t that be ugly. 
But you know “The Seducer”….they’ll do anything to sell a paper.

Lee fishing Quebec smaLL  .jpeg

When I agreed to the trip they told me what happens at

Mekoos Lodge, stays at Mekoos Lodge, but you never know any more. (Wouldn’t the media love to get their hands on a photo like this…)

To tell the truth, I think I am safe, but I’m always a bit
surprised when the paparazzi and the some of the “so called” media sink to
another low to expose celebrities to the world. Most recently being Prince
Harry dancing nude at a private party in Vegas and then these topless photos of
Kate Middleton sunbathing at a private villa in France.

Harry perhaps had it coming, because a person in his
position should know there is nothing he does that isn’t going to be under
surveillance. Everyone has a cell phone – camera and/or video — and when you
are a Prince you have no real trusted friends. The world didn’t need to see
Harry in the buff, but he’s the one who dropped his pants at a party.

Now the Kate Middleton thing is just low. She and Prince
William seem like just a nice young couple, always gracious and pleasant in

public, but they should be allowed their private down time. And it seems they
go to great lengths to find private, secluded accommodations. This wasn’t a
weekend get away at the Fantasyland Hotel and water park in Edmonton.

But here’s some “photo journalist” with a 15,000 mm lens who
apparently grabbed grainy photos of the Princess sunbathing for these tabloids.
And the editor of the French tabloid, that ran the photos, tried to justify it
by saying they were “beautiful and loving photos”…ya, right. I hope the Palace
sues their ass off.

A lot of famous, high-profile types do and say stupid things
in public, and if they do they face the consequences. But at the same time
there are these maggots at the bottom of the news industry, who for the most
part, serve no useful purpose in life. 
Perhaps Bayer or my other good friends at Syngenta  have some sort of treatment that’s
effective in controlling these soil borne nematodes.

In the meantime, I am declaring here today, I’ll be keeping
my shirt and pants on at the Agri-Trade Farm Show in Red Deer in November  — and all other shows for that matter.
It’s not only my personal decision, and company policy, but I’ve also had a lot
of letters and emails from readers urging me not to bare anything – ever, any
where, at any time.  I guess those
readers realize too, that I already have an obvious advantage over the other
media types — why rub it in.    

Hart is a field editor for Grainews in Calgary, Contact him at 403-592-1964 or
by email at
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