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Heading into 2012

Well my jeans are too tight today, so I think that speaks
volumes about how 2011 went, as well as what’s ahead for 2012. It was generally
a pretty good year, but there’s always room for improvement and a place for
“change” in the coming months.

I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions because they never
really seemed to work or last much beyond January 

Rough Rooster small .jpg

9 most years. I guess if
there is any plan or goal for the year it is generally try to do a bit better
at correcting all the flaws. A friend of mine sent me an email with this photo

of a rooster with a caption “Made it through another year”….well I have a
little more meat on my bones than this bird, but it does illustrate how I feel
some days.

I got a year older in 2011 which for some reason didn’t mean
much when I was 30, but now that I am 60 there seems to be more urgency to make
the best (or better) use of my time. As friend Terry Hockaday, the brains
behind Meristem Information Services, and I were discussing again the other
day, time sure seems to speed up as you get older. Terry and I both have a
habit of reading the obituaries in the Calgary paper every day. Part of that is
to “make sure my name isn’t there”, as Terry says, but also unfortunately there
are often names there we do recognize. And even if I don’t know people, I can’t
help but note there seems to be more names of people born in the late 40s and

early 50s making those pages. I don’t think I am on death’s door, but I start
to feel a certain reality there are probably more years behind me than ahead.

My Dad died when he was 89 and my Mom turned 86 last year
and I know one of the tough realities for them over the past 20 years was that
all their friends on “the road” were dying off. My Mom has two life-long
neighborhood friends left — one has issues with dementia and the other lives in
a senior’s apartment about 15 miles away. And although my Mom still gets around
pretty good there seems to be more days when she doesn’t feel like going out to
warm up the car, load up the walker, and head off somewhere to fight with heavy
doors and perhaps do more walking or standing than she likes, so she stays put
beside the fireplace and occasionally naps.

I think one of the messages in that story is that I not only
have to take better care of myself, but I also have to encourage friends to
live healthy so I have someone to talk to when I am 90.

My plan or pledge for the year is to be more productive and
be a bit more efficient with my time — at least that’s what I say in public…it
is a bit like the Pope calling for world peace (it may not happen). Grainews
editor Lyndsey Smith is off for a few months doing the maternal thing, so I
have to break in acting editor Leann Minogue. She and her husband farm in
southern Saskatchewan. I have only spoken to Leann a couple times as we plan
stories over the coming months, but she seems to be okay with my long-standing
policy of over-promising and under-delivering. So we should get along fine.

And I really have to have a serious sit down talk with Scott
Garvey, machinery editor. He is being way too productive and that reflects
poorly on everyone else (i.e. me)…Remember Scott, it is over-promise and

But enough rambling…it is January 2 and I really need to get
working on this pledge for the year — being more productive. I could go talk to
a farmer today but do I really feel like warming up the car, loading up the
walker, and heading off somewhere to fight with heavy doors and perhaps do more
walking or standing than I like. Maybe I’ll just stay put beside the fireplace
and think about it. But no naps…napping is for old people.

Hart is a field editor for Grainews in Calgary, Contact him at 403-592-1964 or
by email at
[email protected]


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