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Either a great dog or a dumb gopher

The general consensus was that this is a good dog, although no one was sure who it belonged to.

Never mind the crowd of people, gophers are fair game.

So here was a field day near Camrose, AB talking about producing corn for silage or winter grazing, there were about 50 people standing around and this dog which looks to me to be perhaps a cross between a blue heeler and Australian shepherd was sort of roaming around and then all of a sudden about 10 feet away there was a commotion among the corn stalks — the dog had nailed a gopher.

I’m not sure why the gopher thought being in the vicinity of 50 people was a good idea, but I guess the dog figured if there were no cattle to chase, might as well keep gopher numbers under control.

After a few fatal shakes of his head, the dog left the gopher among the corn and returned to the people gathering to get a bit of praise. Talk about corn production on Corn Ranches resumed.


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Lee Hart

Lee Hart is editor of Cattleman’s Corner based in Calgary.



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