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Darn those miracles! I feared this might happen

 I don’t have much time to write this morning, I have to pick
up Bryce, his dad Mark, Josh, Mike and Russell as we head out for a quick game
of touch football before stopping at Burger King for something to eat. Maybe
we’ll catch a movie too. Don’t wait up.

Bryce 2.JPG

Okay, those may not be the exact plans for the day, but it
wouldn’t surprise me if the possibility of doing it all isn’t far away. Noon
time reports today, have Bryce awake, and improved enough that breathing tubes
and some other lines have been removed, and he’s able to talk.

I warned his spiritual ring-leader, Aunt Sherry, and
everyone else yesterday, ‘if we keep up this serious prayer stuff, the kid is
going to be over here in the family room eating our food’. And the risk of that
is growing by the hour. I’m planning to pre-eat before we join the family for
dinner tonight, there may not be enough to go around.

Certainly a tremendous report this morning, that emphasizes
‘oh, what a difference a week can make.’ 
It was just a few hours from this point, last Saturday, that he was

seriously injured in an ATV accident. In my total uninformed medical opinion he
has done remarkably well since that brush with death. His youth, good medicine,
the power of positive thought and prayers have combined to work a miracle as
far as friends and family are concerned. In my ministry to farmers and the
downfallen of the world, I often have to remind them “God doesn’t necessarily
make life easy, but He/She does give us the strength to deal with it.”  (Oh, man…move over Billy Graham.)

But, it is ongoing good news. Realistically, I/we shouldn’t
get the cart before the horse. There is still a journey ahead. They still have
to go through the fridge in the operating room and find that piece of skull
they removed last week and get that back into place. (I think I have some Crazy
Glue here some place).  And they’ll
still need time to make sure everything is working properly. But, let the
optimism and the prayers continue.

I do have one longer term concern for Bryce. If he gets
through this mess okay, he may have to face the next 20 years of his life tied
by a rope to his mother. And that could get a little awkward on dates and





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