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China wants “clean” Canadian canola


It will be interesting to see if Canada can produce sufficiently “clean” canola to meet the specifications of Chinese buyers.IMG_3453

At the moment, it sounds like exports of Canadian canola seed to China will be stopped as of September 1 (just a couple weeks away) because the dockage is too high. This is a customer that buys about $2 billion worth of Canadian canola annually…ouch.

China has new tighter rules requiring that 99 per cent of “extraneous materials” (dockage) be removed from any canola seed shipped. Apparently they are concerned about imports that might contain blackleg fungal disease that could be harmful to their own domestic canola crop.

The Canadian canola industry says it is “physically impossible” to clean canola to that one per cent dockage level.

Federal agriculture and trade ministers are meeting with Chinese officials to see if they can’t reach some compromise.


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