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Carrier tillage tool and Tempo planter introduced

Vaderstad, the Swedish machinery manufacturer that partnered with Saskatchewan’s Seed Hawk seeding systems a few years ago, is making its own mark on Western Canada with a well established line of vertical tillage and specialty seeding equipment.

While the Carrier vertical tillage equipment and Tempo precision planter are well known in markets around the world,

Gustav Nilsson with versatile Carrier vertical tillage tool.

Vaderstad is making a push to introduce them to Western Canadian farmers in 2014, says Gustav Nilsson, with Vaderstad, at the 2014 Farm Progress Show in Regina.

One of the features of the Vaderstad equipment is it is built well and built for speed. While row planters and tillage tools may not have the same width as some North American built field equipment, Nilsson says the Tempo planters, ranging from four to 12 rows, can do an excellent job of seed placement at eight miles per hour, while the 40 foot wide Carrier tillage tool travelling at 10 miles per hour can cover plenty of acres in a day.

The Carrier vertical tillage tool comes in widths ranging from three meters (three-point hitch model) to 12 meters – or 40 feet wide. It features gangs of notched discs up front to cut through soil and crop residue followed by packer rollers. The rubber suspension system used for discs and rollers is similar to the heavy-duty suspension system used for military tanks, says Nilsson. The machine is designed with a unique folding mechanism making it possible to fold the 40-foot machine into a neat 10 foot wide unit for road transport.

Carrier toolThe vertical tillage tool can be used for a range of treatments including working in straw and crop residue, seed bed preparation – loosening up a crusted layer of soil, and deeper tillage to loosen soil further down in the crop root zone.

There are optional diameters for the tillage disks as well as the angle of disk operation can be adjusted depending on the degree of tillage desired.

The Carrier tillage tool can also be outfitted with a broadcast seeding equipment, making it an effective tool for renewing or establishing forage crops.


A section of the Tempo precision planter - accurate at higher travel speeds.

The Tempo precision planter used widely for seeding corn and soybean crops features an electric drive and fan system that shoots seed into the ground with very accurate depth control and seed-row spacing.

The technology has been tested widely and then refined for more than 15 years, says Nilsson. The planter also features a very simple, yet accurate calibration system – easily adjusted for different crops and different seeding rates.

The Vaderstad Carrier tillage tool, and Tempo precision planters can be found at most of the Seed Hawk dealers across Western Canada.

Lee Hart is a field editor for Grainews in Calgary, Contact him at 403-592-1964 or by email at [email protected]






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