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Bryce is officially off the sympathy list


Okay, so what is wrong with this picture?  Eighteen people and three dogs show up
for a gruelling hike into the BC wilderness and then 40 people show up for the
evening summer yard party that followed. I am sensing a lack of commitment

Bryce and Josh .jpg

Actually, there was really total commitment by all relatives
and friends who gathered this past weekend for a celebratory hike and dinner to
officially get Bryce Bostock of Cranbrook, BC off our sympathy list. 

The young man, who took a spill from an ATV last September
and suffered a serious head injury, which landed him in hospital and rehab for
a couple months, is healed. He took it easy for a few months, but he now looks
to be 110 per cent.  He is back to
being normal, whatever that is. If anything over these past few months he has
grown taller and stronger, which now may tax the footwear industry to come up
with a Size 16 boot. The kid may be going to school in snowshoes this fall.
(But let’s face it, the Calgary Tower isn’t supported by toothpicks, is it?)

All joking aside, really it was a celebration for both Bryce
and his best friend/cousin Josh Anderson who both appear to have come through
this ordeal with good health and perhaps a bit more wisdom about life. Josh
wasn’t seriously hurt in the mishap, but he had presence of mind in the panicky
moments following the roll over of the two-seater ATV to take life-saving
action to grab Bryce and keep his head above the cold river water, and radio
for help. It was/is a lot of stress for anyone to handle. (Top photo, Bryce, left and Josh and mystery admirer on hike.)

As bad as it was, the whole situation could so easily have
turned out so much worse. But there we all were, last weekend, 10 months later
celebrating the fact these two young men — a couple of giggly Chatty Cathys —

are very much alive and well and getting on with their lives. (The joke there
is they are both very quiet and serious guys, at least around old people). (Middle Photo, I think we were the first group of white people to find this wilderness location.)

Lemon Lake group.jpg


Since both men really love the outdoors, Aunt Sherry
Mackie thought a hike into the BC backcountry, really not all that far from
where the accident happened, would be a fitting tribute to their survival and
recovery. And that was followed by an evening beef-on-a-bun feast at her Six
Mile Crossing estate, with a great buffet supplied by cousins, aunts
and grandmas. The 18 people who really love and care about Bryce and Josh made
the hike into Lemon Lake in the Bull River Region, and the remaining family and
friends who came for dinner later, well I think most of them just heard there
would be cake. (Bottom photo, even the dogs needed help in some spots, which made me feel much better.)

Dogs need help .jpg

It was a good day. It was a celebration of life in the most
positive sense.

And now that that is over, Bryce a master potato gun maker,
can get on with the more important work of completing the potato gun he is
building for me. I think he just has to install the nuclear reactor. Many
people have asked me “what are you going to do with it?” . Well, along with
impressing people at parties, and perhaps doing the odd half-time show at CFL
football games and cattle auctions, I know that fall is fast approaching and the
limited-entry Potato Gun hunting season will be upon us before we know it. I
want to be ready. I can’t wait to nail a bull elk in the rump with a Russett-Burbank. 

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