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Bryce is back (almost)

It doesn’t take much to make some people happy. Just a look
is all they need.

Young Bryce, who has been in a medically-induced coma for
the past few days, following a serious accident Saturday, awoke briefly from this
prolonged sleep shortly after 12 noon Wednesday and recognized his family.

And minutes later as that sensational news made its way
across the hall to where grandparents and other extended family were gathered

in an ICU waiting room at the Foothills Hospital Calgary, boy, I don’t think
you could have traded the joy of that moment for even a lifetime worth of
winning Loto Max tickets.

Bryce blog.jpeg

ICU nurses were cheering, and family members of other ICU
patients generously applauded the moment they themselves were still waiting to

Realistically, the teenager who banged his head and nearly
drowned in an ATV mishap in the mountains of southeastern B.C. is a long way
from packing his bags and heading home, he still has to recover from a serious
head injury. But he was awake. He was unable to speak because he was still
hooked to breathing, feeding and monitoring apparatus, but he could

Although his hands were restrained he still managed to give

his dad, Mark, the two-thumbs up sign, and another glance brought tears of
relief to the eyes of his mom, Joan, and there was an affectionate look for
sister Kendall, who stood there with the baseball cap that rarely leaves his
head. And there was a special wide-eyed greeting as he set sights on his best
friend Josh, who has been his confidant in life for 16 years and was with him
on that fateful tumble down the steep embankment, a few days before.

And after four days of some of the most intense strain of
worry that parents, grandparents, family and friends never wish to experience,
seeing his eyes open, having him nod his head and watching him wag those
enormous feet, was all they needed for the moment. They were tangible signs
that prayers and medical science had got him to an early, but important step on

the road to recovery.

He wasn’t awake long today before doctors decided to sedate him again, to help deal with a fever. It is a reminder there will be ups and downs, and minor setbacks along the way, but the important point is that all signs are pointing in the right direction.

It is way too early to tell when he will be back at school or
hunting elk, loading ammo into an awesome potato gun, or grooming another steer
for the Wasa 4-H Club show and sale. And maybe even a tad longer before his Mom
agrees he’s ready for another ATV ride. But that will all come in time.

He was awake and just a look from those young eyes,even for a few minutes, restored the hope and promise of plenty of good and many better days ahead.





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Lee Hart

Lee Hart is editor of Cattleman’s Corner based in Calgary.


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