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Being ready for the harvest window

It was a good Monday afternoon on the Leslie farm at Sedgewick —central Alberta, about an hour southeast of Camrose. It didn’t rain, the sun

Joel Leslie swathing peas on the Leslie Farm at Sedgewick, AB.

came out, pea harvest continued.

It has been a slow start to the harvest says Joel Leslie who was swathing peas Monday on the family farm. Joel farms with his father Bill, along with an uncle Tom Leslie and his son Charlie. They really haven’t been able to harvest much crop so far this year.

The peas were ripe, dry and ready, but frequent rains had kept combines idle in the field. Joel says the crop had gone down so badly the peas needed to be swathed just to the give the combines a windrow to work on, and keep the cutter bars out of the dirt.

There weren’t many combines working across central Alberta this day. Some pea fields had been harvested, several still carried the scar of ruts as an indicator of frequent rains in July and August. A fair bit of what appeared to be heavy canola crops had been swathed, but again farmers were waiting for Mother Nature to officially drop the Leslie peas 2chequered flag on harvest.

I’m looking at some new pasture varieties in the Hardisty area Tuesday. It better be nice. I didn’t bring my boots.

Lee Hart is a field editor with Grainews based in Calgary. Contact him at 403-592-1964 or by email at [email protected]


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